I think it’s motorcycle riding weather!

Hello friends-

It was a special night last night as we closed up shop – Troy (our Mission Repair General Manager) asked me if I would give him a ride up to the Harley Store in Olathe so he could pick up his new ride!

Here’s Troy in the showroom in front of his beast. I think he was in a little “shock” here…

After ringing the bell and firing up his new hog, we hit the road. For those of you that live in “helmet law” states, please know that Troy is not riding illegally here in Kansas – helmets are not required even though we normally wear them. This pic without the helmet was purely for the “cool” factor!


So with all of the excitement and “new bike smell” one might ask “Ryan, did you buy a new bike last night too?” Just so you know I am a bit impulsive, I do like motorcycles, I do like looking cool…so I did what any other guy like me would do in this situation:

I ran out of the dealership as fast as I possibly could.

It’s a beautiful day outside today here in Kansas City, and we’re staffed and stocked at both of our Mission Repair locations so stop on by for that iPad, iPhone or Samsung Galaxy repair. We’ll take care of you!

Best, Ryan

We Will Never Forget The iPad 2!

Hello M:R Nation –

With yesterdays news, it’s clear that Apple has decided to take the iPad 2 out to the pasture. What has long been the superstar, entry level iPad for many people, is now just a memory and I gotta tell you, it gets me a little emotional. This is the iPad 2 we are talking about! It’s really what changed the game for all tablets from here on out.

While Apple is bringing back the iPad 4 to replace it as the entry level model, it doesn’t make this hurt any less. This is the iPad 2 we are talking about! We all know the original iPad was just a testing ground for what is and was the best ever tablet released. If you are a company and about to release a tablet and it does’t match the power and overall usability of this 3 year old relic, you should probably go back to the drawing board…

So, enough of my rant…


Having iPad 2 problems?

With Apple saying goodbye to the iPad 2, we wanted everyone to know that Mission Repair will never forget it and we will never stop servicing this awesome machine! We believe the iPad 2 will live on because of folks like you. You are here because you have decided to repair, not replace your iPad 2 and we applaud your decision! Not only are you saving yourself some cash and helping with the worlds e-waste issues, you are helping this titan live a long, well deserved life.

So what kind of services do we offer for the iPad 2? That is a great question! Here is a complete list of what Mission Repair offers:

iPad 2 Glass and Digitizer Front Panel Repair Service - BlackiPad 2 Glass Repair Service (Black)

iPad 2 Glass and Digitizer Front Panel Repair Service - WhiteiPad 2 Glass Repair Service (White)

iPad 2 Bezel Repair - Black or WhiteiPad 2 Bezel Repair w/ Back Plate Modification

iPad 2 LCD Screen Repair ServiceiPad 2 LCD Screen Repair Service

iPad 2 LCD & Glass Screen Repair ServiceiPad 2 Glass & LCD Screen Repair Service (Black)

iPad 2 LCD & Glass Screen Repair ServiceiPad 2 Glass & LCD Screen Repair Service (White)

iPad 2 Head Phone Jack Repair Service.iPad 2 Head Phone Jack Repair Service.

iPad 2 Speaker Repair Service.iPad 2 Speaker Repair Service.

iPad 2 Home Button Repair Service.iPad 2 Home Button Repair Service.

iPad 2 Docking and Charging Port Repair Service.iPad 2 Docking and Charging Port Repair Service.

iPad 2 Power Button Repair Service.iPad 2 Power Button Repair Service.

iPad 2 Volume Button Repair Service.iPad 2 Volume Button Repair Service.

iPad 2 Mute/Rotate Lock Button Repair Service.iPad 2 Mute/Rotate Lock Button Repair Service.

iPad 2 Battery Repair Service.iPad 2 Battery Replacement Repair

iPad Logic Board Repair ServiceiPad Logic Board Repair Service

iPad 2 Front Camera Repair Service.iPad 2 Front Camera Repair Service.

iPad 2 Back Camera Repair Service.iPad 2 Back Camera Repair Service.

As you can see, we offer a very complete line of repair services. It’s safe to say that we have a solution to any iPad 2 problem that you may be experiencing! Have any questions on any of the above services? We would love to chat! Give us a call at 866-638-8402, we are all ears!
Cheers, Troy

Mission Repair Movement. Marvelous.

Hello my blog reader friends…you can stamp this project “done”. We are officially moved into our new corporate headquarters expansion!

We were shooting for April 1st move date – so it’s a nice feeling to be done early. Thank goodness…it’s been a long set of days leading up to this point.

Now I can focus all of my energy on my newest location, Mission Repair Express, due to open on 4/1/14 as well. What’s all of the fuss about 4/1? Well, it is April fool’s day…but this is not a prank. In fact, it’s actually our company Anniversary. This is Mission Repair’s year to grow a bit, and what better day to dedicate our newest sites. April 1st will be a fantastic day for all of us here.

Mission Repair

What does it mean for you? Well we are celebrating the early completion of our corporate headquarters and move with an amazing discount code…I would tell you what it is, but you’ll have to read our Newsletter to actually find out the savings. How do you get our newsletter? Just sign up from our website. The signup form is on every page of the site on the lower left hand side (“Nav left” for those webmasters out there).

Once you do, you’ll receive a copy of our newsletter with the current discount. This one expires on 3/5/14, so signup fast and get in on it.

Have a great day! Ryan

**HINT: The newsletter coupon will give you 20% off your order**

Apple Logic Board Repair Service!

Hello M:R Nation –

Do you know what a logic board is? Well, if you own an iPhone, iPad, iPod or Mac Laptop, You have a logic board and that component is susceptible to failure for many reasons. Before we go into what those failures might be, lets take a look at what a logic board actually does!

The logic board (also known as the “Mother board”) is a printed circuit board (PCB) that holds the crucial components of your device. It usually houses the processors (that make your device think), memory, and connectors for peripherals such as your LCD screen, Input functions like a touch screen or mouse and keyboard, data storage and many other things. The size and capability of the logic board depends on the device itself and what it was created to do. It is a very important component that makes your iDevice what it is, AWESOME!

So you can imagine that if a component this important started to go haywire, your experience with that device would be less than ideal. But what would cause your logic board to act up or worst, die?

  • Liquid Exposure
  • Overheating
  • Charging Overload
  • Dropped Device
  • Repair Gone Awry

While many other things can occur to cause a logic board failure, the aforementioned list shows you what we see on a daily basis unfortunately. Allow me to go into a little more detail on each of these issues that can cause logic board failure.

Liquid Exposure is pure evil to electronic components of any kind. When you drop your iPhone in a pool, there is a slim chance that it is coming out alive. There is an instant consequence of the iPhone logic board sorting out and a more drawn out consequence of corrosion. Corrosion will eat the logic board up overtime, even to a point of an unrepairable state. Overheating can occur when you leave your device in a car on a hot day, if you let it sit directly in sunlight, put it in an oven or simply because it naturally failed from the factory.

A Charging Overload often happens when you use a cheap charger or the charger that came with your device has gone bad. We have also seen lightning strikes cause this. It simply singes your logic board and renders is unusable. When dealing with a Dropped Device you may only see a cracked screen or dented case, but we will also see damaged components on the logic board such broken capacitors, solder points and connecters. When a Repair has Gone Awry, the worst result of that is a cracked logic board.  When a crack occurs, we are usually have no cure for that.

So what is someone with a possible logic board issue to do? Give Mission Repair a call! We are able to diagnosis and fix most logic board related issues! We can clean your liquid exposure, cure the over heated iPhone, repair the broken iPad memory chip, and clean up most issues caused by shaky hands and a failed repair job :-).

We have worked for years to perfect our repair processes and we will be able to revive your device for a fraction of the cost that a brand new one! So please, don’t throw away that iPod, iPhone, iPad or Mac, let us repair it and save you come cash!

Cheers, Troy