Back to School Specials – iPad Repairs on sale!

Hello there everyone, we are in the “back to school” spirit!

My wife Dandra is an Elementary School Librarian, and let me tell you that we are most certainly in “Back to School mode” around the Arter house! If you saw my last blog post you’ll also remember that I helped my daughter move into her new college apartment. I’m still “hot” from that move 😉

Of course I appreciate teachers and students, but I want to offer a Mission Repair special that will most likely affect the parents out there. I know that the back to school time of the year is hectic (and expensive) but a lot of students will want their iPads repaired before the school year begins. I know this first hand, the students want something which equals to the parents shelling out some cash!

So to help ease the financial pain we’re offering $40 off your iPad screen repair for the next 2 weeks. This is a HUGE savings off of our normal prices and all you need to do is use coupon “B2S” to receive your $40 discount.

Click here for Original iPad Glass Repairs.
Click here for iPad 2 Glass Repairs.
Click here for New iPad Glass Repairs.

Remember that this is good now through August 24th, 2012 and due to high demand, we can only offer 1 coupon per customer (and this coupon even works on SALE PRICES!). Order now and don’t worry – we’ll get you fixed up!

Thanks, Ryan

iPad repairs – yikes let us get you back in the game!

Hello folks, good morning to you all!

I know that you know us for our award-winning iPhone repair site at, but I want to remind you that we are offering the same amazing service on iPads too. We repaired almost a thousand iPads last month and our technicians are getting good 😉 Not only our techs, but we’ve got a fantastic way to ship these units to and from our customers, check it out:

I’m reaching out as we are servicing many dealers and schools across the Nation. If you know of someone that needs a large scale iPad repair program to be put into place, please offer information to them. 866-638-8402.

We grant deep discounts to schools and dealers that provide us with volume services and bulk requests. It just makes sense. This means that the schools around the country save money by using Mission Repair, and other businesses around the country offer the best service in the industry (Mission Repair) while having the ability to still make money on the deal. It’s an amazing dynamic that we’ve perfected so don’t be shy. Give us a call.

Best, Ryan

Does the iPad use Gorilla Glass?

Well according to Alexander Miles, a senior double-majoring in Materials Science and Engineering and Optical Science and Engineering of the University of Arizona. . .the iPad does use Gorilla Glass for it’s glass panel!

The fact of the matter is that the iPad 2 glass panel is just 0.62mm thick compared to the 0.85mm thick original iPad Glass. And the iPad 2 is using aluminosilicate glass which is touted as “highly damage-resistant and protects the world’s coolest gadgets from everyday wear and tear.”

Gorilla Glass is made by Corning – and Gorilla Glass is aluminosilicate glass. Corning, you know the glass experts that have been making household items for us for decades? It just seems like a great fit for electronics manufacturers to go to the experts in glass to make their devices look great and be as durable as possible.

Corning has come out with “Gorilla Glass 2” which is as tough and scratch resistant as ever to withstand the unexpected abuses of everyday life. It’s thinner, enabling sleeker devices, brighter images, and great touch sensitivity.

It makes you wonder why Apple doesn’t just tout the use of “Gorilla Glass” in their devices? If you visit the Corning website, there’s a long list of Manufacturers that advertise and state that they use the amazing Gorilla Glass – but there’s also another disclaimer:

So I wonder who is on this list of “hidden” customers? We all know that the brainpower at Apple, Inc. has their reasons for being secretive and wanting to protect their brand – but heck what’s the harm in touting that you use the best glass in the business?

But let’s take it a step further. . .the best glass in the business isn’t stopping breakage and cracks from happening on the iPad. Take a look around the internet and you might find a “less than scientific” drop test of someone that’s willing to just smash a device. Or give us a call at 866-638-8402 and we can discuss the condition of the units we get in for glass replacements. We are receiving an unprecedented amount of iPads in for repair – and I don’t care if you have Gorilla Glass or not – GLASS is GLASS.

There’s one universal problem with glass. It breaks easily.

Remember that even Corning doesn’t make any claims that these glass panels are tough against drops – they merely state “highly damage-resistant and *Gorilla Glass* protects the world’s coolest gadgets from everyday wear and tear.” Wear and tear is not dropping an iPad on a moving treadmill!

We are running a special on iPad 2 glass repairs as they are the deal of the week right now, no coupon necessary. Just let us know if we can help!

Take care, Ryan

View our newest commercial online – or just watch NBC and FOX.

Hello again folks, our newest commercial has launched and is rolling- we’re hearing all day today “I saw your commercial, I have a broken (FILL IN YOUR BROKEN IDEVICE HERE) and I need it fixed!”

In this commercial, our “BUSY BUSINESSMAN” is trying to get in a quick workout during his lunch hour – while still trying to send emails and chat with a co-worker. Of course, he gets a little ahead of himself and gets caught up in his “deal” – the cute girl working out next to him is too much for him to handle.

SMASH! Another iPad that needs work at Mission Repair!

We’re having fun with our Mission Repair commercials and the response has been overwhelming. Why don’t you check them out for yourself? They are kinda fun.

Best, Ryan

Mission Repair Employee Olympics – 3rd event!

Good afternoon again folks. Our March event is in the books! This month it was a head-to-head “stinky cheese” tasting contest where each contestant had 6 kinds of cheese to taste and make a decision as to what each was.

We rallied in the Mission Repair breakroom after hours last night and found that it’s harder to tell what kind of cheese is what even when you think you know about them. There’s one hint: “American Singles” weren’t a choice. We went to great lengths to get a good variety of truly amazing cheeses to try – and many employees had not even tried them before – so watching them pop a hunk of Gorgonzola in their mouth was kind of funny. By the way, fresh Gorganzola is truly a “stinky cheese” 😉 I love it!

So in the end, Albert came out as the big winner. Albert is one of our expert iPad Repair technicians and he’s entered to win the trip to Manhattan at the end of the year and he will also get his very one signature “Mission Repair Tshirt” designed, printed and distributed next month. Want one of his tshirts? Email him here to get on his waiting list!

Take care, Ryan