New commercials coming in April!

Hello all! Our Mission Repair television campaign is really on a roll. Did you miss our first 3 commercials that have been on TV for the last couple of months? Check NBC and Fox in the mornings, or just click here to see them at your leisure!

Here’s a screen shot of “The busy business man” that will begin in a couple of weeks:

It’s a funny one, you’re going to have to trust me and see for yourself soon! We have 8 new commercials coming out over the next 8 months, so keep your eyes open across the country for a little humor from all of us at Mission Repair!

By the way, I just realized that it’s St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow. Are you doing anything fun?

Take care, Ryan

Mission Repair is offering Price Protection!

Well hello all!

I’m sorry it’s been so long since my last blog, truth be told I’ve been on vacation. It was my first “real” vacation in the last several years and it was a great time. I needed to recharge my batteries and I’m back with some fire!

I have several blogs to announce today, first of all that we have added another new amazing benefit to EVERY PRODUCT or SERVICE that we offer. It’s part of our customer loyalty promise and another reason to choose Mission Repair. There’s nothing worse that making a purchase to find out that it would have been cheaper if you just waited another week. Now you can rest assured that we are here for you to protect you against this happening on our site and to our customers!

We intend to perform outstanding services and sell quality products at competitive prices and we back our prices with a full price protection guarantee.

If you purchase a product or repair from Mission Repair and see the same service or item at a lower price on our website within 60 days of your purchase, we will gladly refund the difference.

To make a claim on this guarantee, simply email us at or call us at 1-866-638-8402.

Have a great day!


iPad 2 Glass Repairs only $189! Now only at Mission Repair.

Good Friday afternoon everyone, we’re making it through the week! We’ve been running some awesome promotions this week that have garnered us a ton of attention. It’s kinda fun!

After working with my team and reviewing our costs and vendor relationships, we are happy to announce a new lower price on iPad 2 Glass and Digitizer Repairs. Mission Repair is happy to announce a HUGE price decrease on these repairs to bring the new glass installed price down to only $189!

We'll get this baby fixed up within 24 hours!

Q: How long does this sale price last?
A: It’s not a sale price. It’s our normal price, and we’re happy to stay a low price market leader!

Q: Do I need a coupon code to get this price?
A: Nope. No coupon needed. If you have a coupon, go ahead and apply it to save even more!

Q: How do you do it?
A: We’re good at purchasing. We get the best parts at the best price from the best vendors. It’s the name of the game!

Want more? No problem. With all of our iPad 2 Glass repairs we offer unbeatable “GOT REPAIR” benefits. So if you ever crack or break it again, we’ll replace it again under this program FOREVER. By the way, you won’t pay anything to be automatically included in our Got Repair program. Simply amazing and it’s the Mission Repair difference. We’re the Intelligent Choice.

Hey, it’s almost time to close up shop for the weekend. If I don’t get a chance to talk to you again today, have a nice weekend and we’ll be back tomorrow.

Take care, thanks for spending a little time with me. Ryan

Excellent Customer service, it’s a reality at Mission Repair.

So I keep on touting about our customer service at Mission Repair and I’m always talking to my staff about providing good customer service.

This is how our customers feel after working with Mission Repair 😉

Scott stood out today as I got this email from a customer:

“Hello my name is Caleb and I wanted to brag on a customer service rep I just dealt with for the first time today. His name is Scott and he was the most helpful anyone has been in a long time for me dealing with orders. He was very kind and overall helpful. I’ve in the past few weeks dealt with some companies that I never will be dealing with again, Scott helped me get the individual part I needed that apple themselves wouldn’t help me with. He was fast, enjoyable to talk to, very personable and just all in all was a good customer service experience. Above all he was knowledgeable of what he could help me with and went above what others have. I felt comfortable placing my order and he gave me all the information I needed promptly. Five stars. Ill be doing business with your company in the future. -Caleb A”

Yeah Scott that’s how it’s done! Scott and I have been working together for years and as I told Caleb in my response to him, Scott believes in Mission Repair. When the employees believe, the rest is easy.

Have a great weekend everyone, Ryan

iPad 2 in the house! Yeah this guy looks great!

So here it is, picture taken 18 minutes after it’s official release, and we’re back in the shop with our brand new iPad 2.

At first unboxing it looks amazing. This is just a quick post to let you know that we waited in line at all at our local Target Store for 15 minutes, but we did get the last one, whew. I’ll be going to Target from now on!

We’ll be back with more info soon, but first we need to enjoy this unit before we take it apart. Please understand 😉

Have a great weekend. iPad 2 repairs launching next week.

Best, Ryan