Good Morning!

Good Morning M:R Nation –

I hope everyone has had a great weekend. Mine included a a toy car, a toy car launcher and my eye ball… Ouch! I’m sure my 3 year old son didn’t mean to, but it definitely seemed calculated. Luckily my eye is feeling better today and I am ready for what Monday has to offer.

Something I have wanted to post for a long time is our Top Selling Products list. Like on most e-commerce sites, this is something you can find on various pages of , but why not make it easy for you and just post it here? Below you will see data directly from out “back end” stats numbered 1-6. They have in no way been manipulated


1)  4th Gen iPod Touch BLACK Front Glass/Digitizer & LCD Repair

2 ) iPad 2 Glass and Digitizer Front Panel Repair Service – Black

3) Samsung Galaxy S II (T-Mobile) Glass Screen Repair.

4) iPhone 4 Front Glass Screen Repair. Touch Screen Repair Service.

5) iPad 2 Glass and Digitizer Front Panel Repair Service – White

6) Kindle Fire Screen Repair Service | Amazon Kindle Fire Screen Repair

As you can see, this list is mostly filled by Apple products, but our other repairs such as HTC, Samsung and Motorola services are getting up there! It looks like a Samsung repair service already found its way to up to the # 3 position. This list is always changing. There is just no way to tell whats going to break next!

I’m sure we will be seeing more of each other today, but until then –

Cheers, Troy!

It’s true, we’re expanding!

So we’ve been diligently working on our expansion here at Mission Repair and this is just a quick blog to let you know that the building is almost complete and our new call center should be open in January.

The number of telephone calls that we are receiving seems to be astounding!  As of 2:15 today we are caught up on calls and we get to take a small breather before they light up again!

Here’s a rendering of our new call center in action:

Ha!  Of course this is not a rendering of our new call center 😉 Actually, this is a picture of a 1926 Switchboard from somewhere in California and these ladies would answer the phone whenever you would dial “0” from a land line in their area.  They stayed busy, but I’d put up any one of our Mission Repair employees against them any day!  We know what busy feels like!

Our call center won’t have this many operators, however you do get a real live human being when you dial 866-638-8402 and THEN dial “0”.  Our phone system is highly advanced, it will keep you in the queue and all of our calls are answered in the order in which they are received.

Try it, I dare ya!

Talk to you soon, Ryan

HTC Wildfire Screen Repair announced!

Good morning again!

We have launched our HTC Wildfire S Screen Repairs– you know if you crack that screen the manufacturer doesn’t offer a viable repair solution – and your phone will be deemed OUT OF WARRANTY by the carrier. Ouch!

So we can repair that screen, repair it fast and we’ll repair YOUR unit. . .this way you can keep your contacts and information in tact (some carriers just swap your phone with a used or refurbished unit). Additionally we’ll offer an amazing warranty with that repair.

In fact, if you ever break that screen again we’ll repair it again under our Got Repair benefits that come automatically with our screen services. It’s an amazing piece of mind that you only get from Mission Repair. It’s the Intelligent Choice!

WILDFIRE! HTC Wildfire S Parts now available at Mission Repair!

Hello all, as you know we repair and service TONS of devices. All kinds of cell phones, iPods, tablets and laptops. Did you know that we’re the best MacBook repair center in the country?

I think we are!

Well we also sell parts for those at home “technicians” that like to tinker and make their own repairs – and typically when they do they save a bundle of cash!

Like to perform your own repairs? DIY!

Since we’re announcing so many new services lately, I wanted to remind everyone that we also sell cell phone repair parts outright with same-day shipping. As of today, we’ve got HTC Wildfire S parts in stock. . .such as the Wildfire S Front Glass, and the Wildfire S LCD Screen that are ready to ship today.

Remember that if you don’t want to perform the repair yourself we’ll be happy to do it for you within 24 hours after we receive it. HTC Wildfire S Screen Repairs (Full service) here now!

Talk to you soon, Ryan