Mission Repair Movement. Marvelous.

Hello my blog reader friends…you can stamp this project “done”. We are officially moved into our new corporate headquarters expansion!

We were shooting for April 1st move date – so it’s a nice feeling to be done early. Thank goodness…it’s been a long set of days leading up to this point.

Now I can focus all of my energy on my newest location, Mission Repair Express, due to open on 4/1/14 as well. What’s all of the fuss about 4/1? Well, it is April fool’s day…but this is not a prank. In fact, it’s actually our company Anniversary. This is Mission Repair’s year to grow a bit, and what better day to dedicate our newest sites. April 1st will be a fantastic day for all of us here.

Mission Repair

What does it mean for you? Well we are celebrating the early completion of our corporate headquarters and move with an amazing discount code…I would tell you what it is, but you’ll have to read our Newsletter to actually find out the savings. How do you get our newsletter? Just sign up from our website. The signup form is on every page of the site on the lower left hand side (“Nav left” for those webmasters out there).

Once you do, you’ll receive a copy of our newsletter with the current discount. This one expires on 3/5/14, so signup fast and get in on it.

Have a great day! Ryan

**HINT: The newsletter coupon will give you 20% off your order**

Good Morning!

Good Morning M:R Nation –

I hope everyone has had a great weekend. Mine included a a toy car, a toy car launcher and my eye ball… Ouch! I’m sure my 3 year old son didn’t mean to, but it definitely seemed calculated. Luckily my eye is feeling better today and I am ready for what Monday has to offer.

Something I have wanted to post for a long time is our Top Selling Products list. Like on most e-commerce sites, this is something you can find on various pages of missionrepair.com , but why not make it easy for you and just post it here? Below you will see data directly from out “back end” stats numbered 1-6. They have in no way been manipulated


1)  4th Gen iPod Touch BLACK Front Glass/Digitizer & LCD Repair

2 ) iPad 2 Glass and Digitizer Front Panel Repair Service – Black

3) Samsung Galaxy S II (T-Mobile) Glass Screen Repair.

4) iPhone 4 Front Glass Screen Repair. Touch Screen Repair Service.

5) iPad 2 Glass and Digitizer Front Panel Repair Service – White

6) Kindle Fire Screen Repair Service | Amazon Kindle Fire Screen Repair

As you can see, this list is mostly filled by Apple products, but our other repairs such as HTC, Samsung and Motorola services are getting up there! It looks like a Samsung repair service already found its way to up to the # 3 position. This list is always changing. There is just no way to tell whats going to break next!

I’m sure we will be seeing more of each other today, but until then –

Cheers, Troy!

Masseuse on a Mission. At Mission Repair!

Good afternoon everyone, I just wanted to share a quick tidbit today; I hope you can appreciate it.

I surprised my staff with an on-site masseuse today and everyone was able to enjoy a 20 minute chair massage for all of their hard work. It’s true that we sit here at the Mission Repair base all day long, necks “crinked” from talking on the phone, shoulders “scrunched” typing away on our computers, technicians bending over their stations for hours at a time. . .

I thought that it would be a nice surprise to re-energize with some deep muscle tissue rubbing! Anna showed up this morning ready to go and she’s been working all day. I hope that she can get through everyone or we might have to have her come back on Monday -that would be terrible 😉

The bottom line is that I’m trying to reward my employees with some hard earned relaxation. They deserve it!

Have a great afternoon, Ryan

You want more Mission Repair locations? OK.

Good afternoon all!

It’s been a long time in the works and you’re sure to hear about it in the news very soon. Mission Repair is expanding. When I mean expanding, I mean we are going to be all over the country.

What does this mean for you? We now have drop off points in 5 major locations with 20 more sites coming online soon. This is just the thing that you’ve been waiting for. . .a Mission Repair near you!

We now have locations in Delaware, Georgia, Illinois and Pennsylvania. Within the next few weeks, we will be blanketing most of the USA so if you’re in a fairly major metropolitan location chances are you will be in luck.

Q: Does this mean that you’re not going to be able to send out your Award-Winning shipping kits if there is a location in my area?
A: Of course not. We will still operate business as usual and our centrally located Kansas City location is the Mission Repair hub, Corporate Offices, and Main Service Center.

Q: Are the prices going to be higher at these retail locations? I mean, retail prices usually are.
A: Absolutely not! Our pricing will remain the same across the country, no matter what location you visit. Our website price is THE price you will pay.

Q: Can you perform repair while I wait at these locations?
A: Not at this time. These locations are not repair facilities. They are drop off locations for your convenience!

Q: What can I expect when I visit one of these Mall locations?
A: We have partnered with Clear-Coat, the World’s leading provider for device scratch protection and the customer service representatives at these Mall locations can take your device, enter an order and get the repair processed through our Main Service center for you! Just just drop it off and we’ll handle the rest!

This extension of our business and Nationwide reach has taken a lot of time and effort. We want the process to move smoothly for our you, our customers, and if you have any input after visiting one of our new drop off locations, feel free to email us here!

Thanks, talk to you soon, Ryan

Plog bost.

Hello all- it’s that time of year. Tax season. You’d better get those babies done cause you only a couple months to go! It’s a hassle, but you can’t avoid it right? Please, those that are avoiding taxes need not respond, I don’t want to know 😉

So in anticipation, I’m lowering a few prices on the website. It’s my stimulus plan for those in need and want a high quality electronics repair at a great price. Remember we also offer do-it-yourself repair kits and with the help of a technician over the phone you might just be able to get your trusty iPod or iPhone working on your own!

That’s why Mission Repair is here, and this simple plog bost (um, I mean blog post) is just a reminder that we LOVE to keep your expensive electronics running. It’s a much better deal than buying something new every time you have a hiccup with a device.

iPhone repairs and Cell phone repairs at Mission Repair. And if you live outside of the State of Kansas, we don’t charge sales tax. Hows that for savings? Mission Repair cutting your 2011 tax bill!

Thanks, Ryan