Nokia Astound C7-00 Screen Repairs = Success!

Good morning friends, we’re on fire here at Mission Repair this morning. We’re working on a record week, we’ve hired a few new people and we’re busy with our expansion operations. Big news and releases coming soon!

Today, we’ve added a new service to our menu of repairs, specifically for the Nokia Astound with an amazing 3.5″ display. It’s the second Nokia smartphone based on the new Symbian platform, the Nokia C7 follows hot on the heels of the company’s entertainment powerhouse, the Nokia N8. -The Nokia C7 combines stainless steel and glass in a sleek, full-touch design. The 3.5 inch AMOLED display is ideal for networking, with updates from Facebook and Twitter fed directly to the home screen, as well as one touch access to many popular Email accounts including Ovi Mail, Yahoo! Mail and Windows Live Hotmail.

We’ve already had customers requesting the repair and replacement of the glass screen. Be careful with this smartphone! It’s fragile (because it’s GLASS) and we’re starting to see these roll in with shattered screens.

The shining news about the Nokia Astound Screen Repair is that we can take care of you within 24 hours – we’ll remove the cracked glass and install a brand new OEM panel to get you back into working order. Remember that with all of our glass repairs we automatically incude our customers into our FAMOUS “GOT REPAIR” PROGRAM which means that if you ever crack that screen again in time in the future after we repair it, just give us a call and we’ll repair it again under our “Got Repair” program. You’ll never have to worry about paying full price for that screen again as long as you own that phone!

OK, we’ve got several new programs launching today, which means several new blogs and press releases. I’ll be back soon with new information!

Best, Ryan

We are giving away ANOTHER iPod Touch. Click away!

Hello all, we are putting the finishing touches on our GOT REPAIR Facebook fan page – yes I know I’ve been pushing the Mission Repair fan page for the last few weeks, and it’s on a roll. Now I want to get our GOT REPAIR page up to speed. How can I do that? How about I’ll give away a brand new iPod Touch between to one lucky winner that signs up between now and September 30, 2011.

Let’s get you signed up. CLICK HERE to get yourself enrolled. Even if you work for a competitor of ours, we don’t discriminate, go ahead and sign up! 😉 Just don’t tell your boss that you did.

Free iPods FLOWING at Mission Repair and Got Repair. Get yours!

Have a great day, Ryan

Who puts LIFETIME replacement benefits on hard drive installations? Mission Repair!

Good morning everyone, we’re on top of game here at Mission Repair. We’re tightening up our processes, adding new value and employees. More on all of that later. . .

Today, I am pleased to announce that to all of our Mac and PC laptop hard drive upgrades we have added the “Got Repair” benefits which COST YOU NOTHING when you have your new hard drive installed with us. What does this mean for you?

Well, each of these repairs comes with our standard 1 year warranty. If there is any issue with the drive or installation within a year, we’ll fix it under our normal “exceptional” warranty. Here’s the kicker:

If there is ever any issue with the hard drive that we installed in the future and as many times as needed, we will replace that drive under our “Got Repair” benefits. . .FOREVER.

There’s not another service center in the world that is offering these benefits to their customers. What kind of value does this add? It’s the icing on the cake. Couple that up with the best hard drive pricing in the industry, with the fastest turnaround, and the best customer service there’s not a lot of reason to consider going anywhere else for your Macbook service or Windows laptop hard drive repair.

Why do I push this so much? It needs to be talked about, it’s real, and I believe in it. Period.

Thanks for everyone’s business, we’re happy to be here!


Exciting news and 15% off coupon code, this weekend only!

Good morning friends, I have 2 pieces of outstanding news today.

News #1
Let me give you a hint. . .we are expanding. This might sound like kind of a weak hint and can be taken as “vague”.

Well, since I do need to be a little vague for the time being, the fact of the matter is that Mission Repair will not change the way we do business as the leader in Nationwide mail-in iPhone repair and Macbook repair service, but very soon you’ll have the option to take your device to one of our new locations throughout the country for repair. You heard right. We’ll be in several new locations very soon. Stay tuned!

News #2
Additionally, we’re offering a 15% off coupon from now through Monday June 13, 2011. Theres just one thing that you need to do to get that coupon code, because I’m only offering it on our Facebook fan page. Just click here to see that page, and click the “like” button. From there you’ll see my post from today with the coupon code that you can use on any repair or part that we offer. We’re building our fan base fast, so ride the wave with us!

OK, I’m heading back to the tech room to get a few updates. Thanks for reading and I’ll be back soon with the final details of our expansions. I’m excited!

Best, Ryan

What does “Got Repair” do for you?

Good morning friends. It’s a beautiful day here in Kansas City and with all of the sunshine, the school graduations, and the trees full of leaves, it feels like summer is upon us and it’s hard to stay indoors!

Ah well, since I haven’t figured out how to get paid without working, I guess I’ll be here in the office for a while 😉

So I’m overly impressed with the reaction and attention that our new site is getting at and I wanted to go over the reason that it’s in place and the basis of this amazing new program. Put simply:

1. Got Repair is the ONLY program of it’s kind and it’s fully Powered by Mission Repair.

2. Screens are the name of the game. We repair thousands of screens for iPods, iPhones, MacBooks (and any other Mac laptop), Windows laptops, iPad, Playstation Portables, Kindles, Cell Phones. . .well you get the picture. If it’s a small consumer electronic device, we probably work on it. There’s an inherent problem with screens though – they break!

Give us a call if you have any questions!

3. Glass cracks. Most of the new electronic devices (iPhones, touch screen cell phones, MacBooks) have GLASS covering the LCD. This makes the device look nice and it gives a great surface to adhere a digitizer, but can crack easily if dropped. We know this. It’s a fact.

4. We offer 24 hour replacement of the screens. This is also a fact.

5. We extend a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty on each of these screen repairs. This covers you for a year in the event that the digitizer every fails or if there are any other natural failures.

6. Here’s the special part. Remember you can’t get this benefit at ANY OTHER repair center in the world. If you every drop, crack, damage or destroy that glass again, we’ll replace it again under our “Got Repair” benefits. This is a benefit that lasts FOREVER. We will be here for you if you EVER have a cracked glass again, and for as many times as you need. Break it again once or 1,000 times, our GOT REPAIR program has you covered. If you broke it once already the odds are stacked against you that you could break it again.

Why do we do this? It’s to give you Peace of Mind. It’s an alternative to insurance, but it’s NOT like insurance (which you pay for up front) and most likely will have to pay a deductible or monthly fees of dues. Our Got Repair program is the opposite. You don’t pay anything up front. In fact if you don’t ever need to have it repaired again, then you don’t ever need to call us again and never need to pay us anything again.

This is it. It’s a simple, easy, and a no-brainer way for us to do business. Give us a call if you have any other questions!

Thanks, Ryan