Have you ever seen a dog smile?

Good afternoon friends,

So there I was, hanging out in my basement just after taking my dogs for a walk. Our male Shadow decided to flop down on the floor and rest. He’s just like me 😉

Layla on the other hand was needing a little more attention, so she sat right in front of me – “smiling”. I imagine it was her way of saying “dad, thanks for being there for me”. Both of our dogs were rescued from abusive owners and both have had rough beginnings. There are times that they both show their past a little bit, but for the most part it appears that we’ve been able to snap these two out of their depression by giving them a loving home. Heck, they are basically children to us and they irreplaceable.


This brings me to the fact that Father’s Day is just around the corner. To the “human” Arter kids: I’m expecting a big breakfast in bed and a BBQ dinner Sunday. Just a “heads up!” so you don’t miss this opportunity to take care of me this weekend!

We here at Mission Repair will be taking care of the fathers of the world as well with some fantastic specials that only happen once a year. Happy upcoming Father’s Day to ALL fathers – whether it be of children or canines – and we’ll help you celebrate right here at Mission Repair.

Stay tuned, and if you’re like me you might need to preemptively “warn” your kids like I did…it gives them a fighting chance to do the right thing!

Have a great week, Ryan