Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1″ Repairs- 2014 Models announced!

Good morning, we’re happy to announce a new service line for the Samsung Note, 10.1″, 2014 model.

These units have a model number of P6000, come in white or black and in a variety of storage capabilities. This device runs Android 4.3, has impressive processing muscle, two fully loaded cameras, and a light portable build. Improved S Pen features boost the tablet’s productivity potential.

Until now, there have been few services available for customers in need of repairs on these devices…Samsung keeps a close reign on the distribution of parts for them.

Argh, until now this has been a problem for everyone!

Argh, until now this has been a problem for everyone!

Toady we’re happy to announce a few new services for our customers:

1. We are now providing Samsung Galaxy Note Black Screen Repairs. Please note that we will replace the glass, LCD and digitizer as an OEM assembly! This should solve ANY screen issues.

2. We are now performing Charging Port Repairs.

3. If you’d like to to diagnose your device, we still do that for free!

I know that this is not an “amazing” blog post, but it’s certainly help for those that are in need. The first call that I took today was for a Samsung Note 10.1″ Screen repair, so it struck me that I better make the announcement as soon as I could. Here it is!

Thanks for reading, talk to you again soon.