Not local, but still need your iPhone Repaired?

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It’s no secret. We’ve been in business for years since 2008 and we have the best reputation, most ambition, best prices and highest level of customer service. Mission Repair is the leading Apple Service Center in the United States. Don’t take our word for it, we receive praise, awards and accolades from the top publications in the industry.  You’ve read about us in the news or heard about us from a friend. Now you just need to try our services but found that we are in Kansas City. Let’s talk this one out!

First of all, we are in Kansas City to reach the entire USA with ease. Trust us, it’s costs a lot less to move an item from Kansas City to New York vs. from Los Angeles to New York. We’re here to save you money with the best possible negotiated FedEx Rates in the industry! Additionally, we have developed and are proud to provide the easiest and most efficient way to move your item to and from our service center; instant email labels for iPods, iPhones, Cell Phones, Mac Laptops, Amazon Kindles and iPads offer the best protection, fastest turnaround, and least expensive way to pack, ship and insure your device for transportation into us!  Read over our shipping instructions if you have any questions, or give us a call at 844-459-0105.

Take care, Ryan


It’s pretty clear that school’s in session!

Hello there and good morning!

I was checking my Facebook page today, and it’s obvious that school is in session! Every one of my friends that has a school-age child(ren) has taken a picture and posted their “first day” back on campus.

This is my first year in 21 years that I haven’t taken a picture; it’s because this is the first year that all of my kids are in college! Holy bananas.


At Mission Repair we are feeling the effect too. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week our lobbies were full of parents “hurrying” to get devices repaired; I think that in a 3-day run that was a busy as I’ve ever see it. Yesterday was back to normal because most kids started back yesterday. It was a nice break!

We are going to continue our back-to-school special and now through Sunday 8/16/15, we are have a 10% off coupon that good on your next repair with us. Just enter “campus” when checking out online, or print a copy of this blog and bring it to your local Mission Repair for the discount. This coupon cannot be combined with any other discounts including “Got Repair” benefits. Hurry on in, we are Open today until 7pm, and Saturday and Sunday 10am to 5pm!

Take care, Ryan

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Good morning friends- so I’m here at the Lakewood Mission Repair location preparing for the big Ribbon Cutting this afternoon and I got this pic emailed over to me from our Olathe office:


It made me laugh. It’s ok to laugh. From left to right, that’s Tayler, Sydney and Wade all ready to make leprechaun magic happen today. Yes, I’m wearing green today as well, but here at Mission Repair we’ve somewhat adopted St. Patrick’s Day as our favorite day. It’s the green that matches our company colors…and since it’s a “fun” holiday, it fits our theme.

It’s why we are having our Ribbon Cutting here in Lakewood, Colorado today. This was intentional, and I’ll be sure to post some pics for you to get a good chuckle at later of myself and my crew here. Yes, we’ll all be wearing some sort of green in our ensembles; but I won’t be wearing a bow tie. That’s all for Wade.

Have a great day, Ryan

Broken iPod? No Problem.

We are entering our 8th year of business here at Mission Repair and we are excited to continue to bring you quality iPod, Smartphone, Tablet and Computer repair services. One of our all time most popular repair is the 4th Gen iPod Touch screen repair. We have also been servicing iPod Classics for many years. Our certified technicians know their stuff and do their best to fix any kind of issue you are having with your iPod. Not only do we provide quality work but our prices can’t be beat and we are constantly updating our services to stay competitive in the industry.

Have an old iPod you haven’t used for years? Prevent your iPod from collecting dust in a drawer and stop by Mission:Repair.10653831_10152338889317913_4959962550158758050_n

 If you haven’t thought about getting it repaired, call us today at 866-638-8402 or stop by one of our walk-in locations. We offer a FREE diagnosis for any device in which of our certified technicians will take a look at your device and give you a FREE repair quote. We don’t perform ANY repairs until we have your approval. It’s that easy! Contact us today for answers to your iPod, Smartphone, Tablet or Computer repair questions.

Happy January!

Hello my friends, welcome to 2015. It’s January 5, 2015. 15/15 for those “number people” out there!

This weekend at the Arter house was full of packing and cleaning up after the holiday season. As we looked around, there are about 20 gifts still in the dining room waiting to be delivered. A couple of friends simply forgot to take the items that we gave them a week ago; but we’ve also had 2 family gatherings cancelled due to weather, the flu and other issues that just didn’t make them happen. That means that we are all cleaned up and ready for 2015, but still have a few holiday dinners to attend to. It’s part of the season I guess!

There’s a small issue however; I’m booked for the next 5 (FIVE!) weekends so it appears that I’m going to have to miss out on all of the fun!

Happy New Year 2015

I’m torn during this time each year. From a business perspective, I’m happy that the holiday season is over. We are back to normal work weeks, a lot of vacations are completed, and the “holiday pay” on all of my employees paychecks is almost complete. That’s a great thing!

The selfish part of me wants to go back to short weeks, long “couch” time watching football and television that I haven’t had a chance to watch and simple relaxation time that I don’t normally get.

Additionally we’ve decided to get back into an exercise schedule that works for all of us a family. In fact, we went to the gym yesterday, and we have a Cross-Fit training session tomorrow night at 7:30pm. After picking up some weights last night, I realize how out of shape I am…and of course as many of us committed on New Years Eve, I have a fitness goal this year as well. It’s to net lose 15 lbs, and to bench press 325 lbs. A hefty goal for a man that’s about to have another “40 something” birthday party next week!! I’m all in.

So if you’ve got a lofty resolution for yourself, don’t worry about it…stick with it. I’ll be happy to post my results when I achieve them. Hopefully before boat season!!

Well until then, Happy New Year and I’ll be in touch – I’m leaving for Colorado in a couple of days to begin the move-in process at our newest location in Lakewood, stay tuned for the official Grand Opening coming soon!

Take care, Ryan