Casio GzOne Commando. I’m hooked.

Hello everyone, this is an interesting confession.

I’ve been an iPhone fanatic for years. I’ve had them all. I live amongst them, in fact at Mission Repair my nickname is the “iPhone Whisperer”. OK, it’s really not my nickname, but you get the point. Swimming in iPhones has become second nature to me. That’s why this next piece is hard to talk about, in fact it was a bit troubling at first, but I’m ready to face the world.

I’ve added an Android phone to my life.


I bought and have been using the Casio GzOne Commando and I will admit that I really love it. I thought about the Samsung Galaxy SIII, but it was just a little too big. I have another business, Mission Survivor, and it really fits the theme – so I went in feet first and took the plunge. The problem is that I’ve already broken my iPhone 5 screen, and it’s just not the phone that I was expecting when I bought it.

The Casio GzOne Commando is a “ruggedized” phone. Rugged – with MIL-STD-810G certification – the Commando meets military standards for water, shock, and dust resistance making it perfect for any situation that life can throw at it, from the boardroom to the beach.

There’s still a catch with this phone- and we get them in every day for repair because the screen is glass and it can still break. It’s a lesser problem than the iPhone 5, as the price to repair the Commando screen is less than half of the iPhone 5. This is a HUGE benefit in my book.

I know, the iPhone 5 has some better features; and I agree. That’s why I’m carrying one of each. My iPhone won’t leave my side, but it won’t go on a hike into the wilderness with me either. That’s where my tough Commando comes into play. The iPhone 5 is like fine China, and the GzOne is like a plastic tumbler cup. They each have their place. Fine China at the dinner table with the inlaws? Perfect. Fine China at the football tailgate party? I don’t think so.

Instead of picking one over the other, I’ll keep both and use them as needed. Right now, that seems to be every day, so if you see me running around town using two phones try not to judge me. Stop and say “That Ryan guy is just smart, what a great idea.” At least it’ll make me feel better about it ūüėČ

Ok, as smart as I think I am I’ll continue to develop a relationship with 2 phones. I’ll keep you posted.

Take care, Ryan


Hello M:R Nation –

I received a wonderful gift today that I wanted to show off. It is a wise and old Bonsai tree! I have always wanted one of these and I am excited to finally own one! I’m not sure why, but my office now seems a bit more calming. Maybe thats why Jake, my technician supervisor found it a proper gift. He is in my office everyday and must feel pretty tense when he’s sitting at my desk :-P.



Now, I know if I let my wife get her hands on this, it won’t last past Christmas, so I’ll keep it here to keep things calm and keep it alive. I have a lot of studying to do on how to care for this little guy and I would love any advice on how to care for it. If you feel so obliged, my email address is…

On a unrelated note, did you know that we repair the¬†Casio G’zOne Commando? This phone has been a shooting star in our offices as of late. It is a great looking phone and our techs love to repair it! If you find yourself in need for this service, click the following link and we will get you hooked up!¬†Casio G’zOne Commando Front Glass Screen Repair

Cheers, Troy

What Is Got Repair?

Hello M:R Nation –

We receive a lot of requests per day to explain what our “Got Repair” Lifetime ¬†Warranty actually is. Please allow yourself a few moments to read some of the information below…


  • Think of it as¬†“The Real Lifetime Warranty”.¬†¬†Check the competition.¬† When they offer lifetime warranties, this doesn’t include breakage again on the part you had repaired.¬† What good is a lifetime warranty on a piece of glass that only fails when it breaks?¬† Our “Got Repair” program covers re-repairing damaged glass and screens.
  • Think of it as a “Thank You” for coming back to Mission Repair.¬†¬†If you have your device repaired with us, you already know that it can be broken.¬† And if you should somehow accidentally or intentionally damage it again, we want you to come back to Mission Repair.¬† We would make more money by¬†charging you full price but you may decide not to repair your device more than once.¬† Our “Got Repair” program benefits encourage repeat business with a special thank you to every Mission Repair customer.
  • Think of it as the “New Standard” in which services should be performed.¬†Mission Repair pioneers many programs and we set the standard for the market.
  • Think of it as the opposite of “Insurance”.¬†¬†Insurance is just that.¬† You buy insurance “in case” something happens to your unit.¬† If nothing happens, you still pay.¬† Additionally, most insurance plans require a deductible and stringent rules to filing a claim.¬† Our “Got Repair” benefits cost you nothing up front.¬† Rather, we charge a small service fee for any repeat repair.¬† You can have the unit re-repaired once or 1000 times, this service fee will remain the same.


You can think of it as many things, but when you boil it down, its simply in place so you NEVER have to pay full price again for the same repair on that Smartphone, Tablet, or Laptop again! There is no catch. You automatically qualify for this warranty by using Mission:Repair the first time around and if you decide that you don’t want to pay the lower service fee, we will gladly let you pay full price again ūüôā Of course I’m joking.

So, if you are trying to choose a service center, please take this benefit into account. That mixed with our free shipping + our multi-year award winning service are just a few things to consider!

Cheers, Troy

New Service Round Up

Hello M:R Nation –

If you come here often, you know that I like to occasionally showcase all of the new services that we offer. I would like to do that again for you right here and now. So please, kick up your feet and check out all the new and reintroduced services shown on the Mission:Repair Blog over the last few weeks!

New Service: Google Nexus 7 Front Glass Screen Repair Service!: Google Nexus 7 Front Glass Screen Repair Service

iPod Nano 7 Cracked Screen? Yeah We Do That!: 7th Generation iPod Nano Front Glass, Touch Digitizer & LCD Screen Repair

Broken Casio G’zOne Commando + Mission Repair = Fixed Casio G’zOne Commando¬†:¬†¬†Casio G’zOne Commando Front Glass Screen Repair

HTC EVO LTE = Success!: HTC Evo 4G LTE Glass Touch Screen Repair

Samsung Infuse: Still On High Demand!: Samsung Infuse 4G Front Glass and LCD Screen Repair

Please, go out into the world and share this blog post with your friends and family! This kind of news and these kinds of services don’t deserve to be cooped up on this page ūüôā

Cheers, Troy

Android Repairs- Nothing New Here!

Hey There M:R Nation –

I just realized that we are now reaching close to 500 different Android phone repair services that we offer. This staggering number is not something that just appears overnight.

We have invested countless Hours, Days, Weeks and Months to these services and we are nowhere close to being done adding additional repairs for you, our customers!



So… whether you are in need of an HTC, Samsung, Motorola, LG, Huawei, ZTE, Casio or any other Smartphone repair, we at Mission:Repair have you covered!


Cheers, Troy!