Blackberry Q10 Screen Repairs – sure, we do that.

Hello friends,

We try to stay on the cutting edge of technology and service, and there is certainly value for many customers to have their older device repaired…many of you find sentimental value in your trusty phones!


We have a great mix of new and older device service offerings…take the Blackberry Q10 that was released last year for example.

The Q10 was BlackBerry’s first BlackBerry 10 phone equipped with a full QWERTY keyboard and industry watchers were expecting pent-up demand among BlackBerry loyalists and enterprise users to give the vendor a boost. I’m not sure if you follow the industry much, but Blackberry has been suffering among the other top Smartphone players but they are still in the hunt.

We offer a long line of Blackberry repairs and still perform them on a daily basis here at Mission Repair. Have a Blackberry Q10 that has a broken screen? Never fear, I’ll make sure to take care of it. Get your Q10 repair started here.

Have a great afternoon everyone.

Take care, Ryan

Blackberry Playbook Repairs = Ready and Able!

Hello everyone, thanks for reading the blog today. It’s nice to see so many readers lately.

I’m just back for a few minutes to announce the launch of our newest repair program for the Blackberry Playbook, specifically BlackBerry Playbook Screen Repairs!

The Playbook is giving the iPad some real competition. Nothing can stop you now!

Now here’s a professional-grade tablet built to offer you the high-performance experience you demand. Here are some of the highlights:

Get started easily — simply swipe-to-wake
Blazing speed and tremendous power in a tablet format
1 GHz dual-core processor
BlackBerry® Tablet OS with symmetric multiprocessing
Powerful, user-friendly QNX technology: It’s what the World Wide Web runs on
True simultaneous multitasking — apps run simultaneously and in real time
Accelerometer, 6-axis motion sensing (gyroscope) and digital compass (magnetometer)
Micro USB port

The only issue is that it also has a glass screen (just like the iPad). And if you could only see the number of iPad repairs that we are getting in daily. . .whew. Listen, if you have an issue with your Playbook, give us a call. We’ll be happy to help you out.

As it is with all of our other screen repairs, we’re happy to offer “Got Repair” benefits with each of these repairs that is automatically included when you use our services. And if you ever break that screen again, we’ll repair it again under our Got Repair benefits. It’s just that easy when you use the professionals at Mission Repair!

Hey I’m heading out early today to catch a Royals game with a vendor. I’ll be back tomorrow with some VERY exciting news!

Thanks, Ryan

Lower Price on Blackberry Storm Screen Repair!

Oh yeah, we just received better pricing on our BlackBerry parts- so we’re starting by dropping our BlackBerry Storm Screen Repair Service to a new low price of only $149 installed-

This is a new savings to you on a popular service for your BlackBerry – from the service professionals here at Mission Repair.

Thanks, I’ll be back soon with a new iPhone Repair video that we are finishing up. See you again soon!


Cell phone screen and trackball repairs are flowing – additionally maybe someting new?

Good morning. It’s a chilly one here in Kansas City today. We’re hoping for 20 degrees or so. It’s sunny and clear (a perfect day for flying!) but just a tad cold. Yikes!

We’ve been busy ramping up our cell phone repair line lately. . .and we’re happy to report that we have added the Blackberry Tour screen repair and we are now servicing and replacing Trackball issues on Pearl, Curve, and 8800 series Blackberry smartphones.

What’s new? Well, I can’t really divulge this just yet. But let me tell you that we’re seeping into a new market of devices. You’re gonna love it. I’ll keep you posted and more news to come from my operations department once we finalize this new repair! Troy, get to work 😉

Thanks, talk to you soon, Ryan

It’s Macintosh Computer Day today!

Hello there- let me give you a little bit of trivia. . .did you know that Its Macintosh Computer Day today? No seriously, it really is Macintosh Computer Day. It was on this day, 25 years ago that Steve Jobs introduced the first Macintosh computer. The Macintosh was the first successful computer to use a graphical user interface and a mouse.

I’m proud to be a Mac user and today I remind myself how much better life has been since 1999 when I threw my last PC in the trash! We run our business on Macs and it’s obvious when you walk into our office and see the Aluminum iMacs abound. All of our techs are sporting Mac Minis connected to flat panel monitors hung at their stations. Yeah, it’s very cool. Just think of the network games that can be had around here at Mission Repair 😉

Have a great day and enjoy your Mac – and if you ever have problem with your computer, just give us a call. We’ll be here to help you keep it running.

Take care, Ryan