I’ve learned a little more about blogging lately…

Hello blog readers,

One of the main points that I learned today was this:

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 8.43.25 AM

Every Monday at 10:00am is our busiest “read” time. That means that 17% of my almost 1 million viewers reads the Mission Repair Blog at the very beginning of the week. I’m not sure how that stacks up to other blogs that are out there, but it’s certainly on the “to do” list for most people early.

Why do insights like this seem important and relevant to me? Of course I want to provide news, info and specials at the beginning of each week. I’ve been in the habit lately of writing blogs and scheduling them so they spread out a bit (another tidbit that can help any new blogger out) so that content isn’t just flooded when the author feels creative.

Since this blog is geared around my business, Mission Repair, it’s appropriate to give our specials and deals at the beginning of the week (which I will do) rather than at the end of the week (which we’ve been doing). For sure after so many years of writing and hearing feedback from our customers we certainly have a lot of data. It’s time to put that data to good use.

Speaking of writing, my publisher has asked me to write another book to add to the “How To” section at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. My last publication “How to Start a Home Based Computer Repair Business” was a hit (well, it did’t make the New York Best Sellers list), but there’s a point to where a book is called “successful” and we reached that goal.

The third tidbit today: I didn’t wake up one day and say “I’m going to write”. It’s come over years of work and thought, which has grown into a “professional” status. Are all of my blogs fun, interesting and relevant? Naw, but they can’t all be winners. It’s about determination and dedication and hitting the mark every once in a while 😉 I’ll be here.

Thanks again for reading, happy Tuesday morning…