10% off coupon and Mission Repair’s Anniversary!

Well hello again! Every time I sit down to blog, I get bogged down. Or clogged up. Or log jammed. Ok, I’m trying to alliterate off of “blog” and it’s not really working so I’ll move on.


We had our business Anniversary today so we brought in lunch for the group and had a cake made for the occasion (Yes, I know, April Fool’s Day). This cake weighed in at just about 20 pounds, so after everyone got a reasonably sized hunk, it still left us with about 12 pounds of cake leftover. Need a piece? Come on down today or tomorrow and I’ll personally serve it up for you! Seriously my friend in the cake business (Michelle Canning) whipped up this beauty last night. Yes that’s raspberry filling too. Yummy.

So we got to talking to our employees about our accomplishments within this last year and we’ve come a long way. It’s exciting to see our “baby” continue to grow and we’re treating it right.

In honor of our Anniversary and to start us off right for another successful consecutive year, we’re offering 10% off on any product or service through Mission Repair for the next week. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other special coupon and expires on Midnight 4/8/09 so get your order in soon to capitalize. Just use coupon code “20CAKE” to receive your discount!

Thanks for reading, talk to you soon. Ryan

Operation:Education. Mission Repair is giving back to America’s Schools!

Hello everyone! This is the big one, we’ve got our newest program in place! Remember this:

Mission Repair's Operation:Education Program!

Mission Repair's Operation:Education Program!

You heard it here first, but it’s going to hit the public eye here next week. I’m so excited that I HAD to let out a quick blog. We here at Mission Repair are teaming up with the Nation’s public school system by partnering in a beneficial program designed by us to assist the schools.

Here’s the background:

We repair iPods, iPhones, MacBooks, Cell Phones, and more. You know this, it’s nothing new. I was at my daughter’s school and was talking with the Principal who’s a great guy. He mentioned that he just received his 2010 budget cutbacks and that my school district’s budget was cut by more than $800,000. I was shocked!

My thought process continued. . .”I’m already repairing iPods, iPhones and MacBooks for students and parents and schools all over the country. How can our business help this economic situation?” It hit me. I want to donate back to the schools, and specifically, I want to work with the schools so they get a check proportionate to the amount of business we receive from it’s students and their families- the more they promote it, the more visits we’ll get the more we’ll donate. All I need to do is ask the schools to ask the students (and parents) to visit us and we’ll somehow have to figure out how to track it.

This has been a painstaking process, but it’s done! We have a sophisticated system in place. It’s ready. We have begun enrolling schools and they are sending repairs our way. Well, we were already getting the business, but now we’re giving back to the schools for the “help”. We are donating up to 10% of the total gross sales accumulated from referrals each quarter. It’s now our obligation and mission, here at Mission Repair.

Mission Repair’s Operation:Education Program is here. We’ll donate to your school and it’s a painless fundraiser. If you’d like to get your school signed up, you can start here:


There’s no obligation, nothing will be billed to the school and we’ll be happy to send your school a check for referrals. It’s a long lasting relationship!

If you have any questions (as you may have), feel free to send us an email!

OK, gotta run and finish a few more announcements. I’ll be back soon with the “official” word when it hits the rest of the country!

Thanks for your continued support, Ryan

Mission Repair – Just a toll-free call away for iPod, iPhone and MacBook Repair!


Give us a try, it’s toll-free 1-866-628-8402 and we’ll be happy to help you with your iPod Repair, iPhone Repair, or Mac Portable Repair!

Take it easy, Ryan

New 5% Off Coupon Released Today (and another new employee!)

Hi there everyone! I’m still in my whirlwind here at the office. . .
We hired another new employee that starts today, Phillip Esau- Phil brings us some tech experience and is going to help us organize and streamline some of our processes around here at Mission Repair.

Send Phil and email and say “hi”!

While I’m at it, I’m going to run another 5% off coupon toward any repair or product we sell now through February 8th, 2009. Just checkout online and use coupon code “WINTERMIX” to watch 5% of your order disappear.

Why is the coupon code “WINTERMIX”? Well is because it’s going to be about 6 degrees as the high tomorrow. Bundle up!

Take care, Ryan

New Cell Phone Screen Services at Mission Repair!

Hello all-

It’s just plain busy around here, and we’re still in hiring mode.  Do you know anyone that KNOWS cell phones and can use a job?  Send them my way.  Really.  I’m not kidding.  We need 2 more technicians immediately to fill some empty stations!

Mission Repair iPod and MacBook tech repair stations.

Mission Repair iPod and MacBook tech repair stations.

Here’s a good shot of Marc enjoying his afternoon working for the best company in the industry.  I mean come on, look at him, it almost looks like fun!  😉

Seriously, we launched several new LCD repair programs recently including Cell Phone LCD Screen Repairs.  We’re repairing screens for several popular cell phone lines, including AT&T, T-Mobile, Motorola, Nokia, and others.  We’re adding new programs almost on a daily basis and you can get a glimpse of a few of them here:

AT&T Cell Phone LCD Repair Services

T-Mobile Cell Phone LCD Repair Services

Nokia Cell Phone LCD Repair Services

OK, I’ll be running some “super specials” on these shortly, so keep an eye out.  Thanks again for reading, that’s all for now, talk to you again soon.

Sincerely, Ryan