Asus PC 900 eee computer screen repairs launched!

Hello again friends,

We were able to procure a stock of Asus PC 900 LCD screens- and are now offering screen repair services for this unit. You can get started on your repair here by clicking here.

Let us handle the inside of your computer!

Let us handle the inside of your computer!

We use OEM parts; and this particular unit had several different screen options installed, unbeknownst to the end user. Samsung, LG, Chi Mei, Chunghwa, Sharp and Au Optronics all provided screens to the manufacturer when these units were built. I know that seems like a lot to think about, but rest assured that when we are done installing a new screen into your damaged Asus PC 900 it will look good as new!

Once again thanks for reading…I feel a new product being added as we speak and I’ll be back to release it shortly.

Best, Ryan