iPads + School in session = Cracked Glass

Good morning!

There’s a reason that both teachers and students love the iPad. It enables endless opportunities to create hands-on, customizable learning experiences. I’ve seen it first hand after visiting several schools in the area and watching children in the classroom use the iPad like it was always a part of their life. And now it is.


We’ve found many schools with a need for quick and professional service on cracked iPad screens; most institutions implement a fee on the parents for damages; others do not. While many schools are moving to the Apple “1 to 1” program starting as early as elementary school, the repair prospect is an expensive one for both the students and the schools.

This is where Mission Repair steps in. We offer customized programs for schools in the Kansas City area and across the nation. We don’t have restrictions or “deductibles”, and you don’t need to buy a service plan. When you’re in need, simply give us a call or set up a repair online. We will have your iPad up and running and back into your hands in no time. Have you ever seen a 7 year old with an iPad? I have…and I’ve also seen what can happen with a simple “slip, drop or oops!”.

Mission Repair is on hand and standing by.

To Schools: We accept Educational Purchase Orders, and we have been for almost 8 years. We are here for you!

Take care, Ryan

Our “Got Repair” Benefit Is Reaching New Heights!

Hello M:R Nation –

We have hit a momentous number at Mission Repair and that number is 5,000. We have been able to save over 5,000 people some hard earned cash with our Got Repair program in a little over 1.5 years!  What is our “Got Repair program”? Its as simple as this: If you have your broken device repaired with Mission Repair, you will never pay full price for the same repair on the same device again!

You already know your iPhone or iPad is not all that durable.  You just saw it crack before your very eyes. So if you have it repaired, you know full and well that you have a chance of damaging it again.

Imagine walking into a repair center, having your iPod Touch screen repaired, dropping it on the way out and re-cracking the screen. This has actually happened and this is where the Got Repair program comes into play. That customer had to pay just a fraction of what they just paid to have it re-repaired. Of course we offered if up for free in this instance (we felt bad) but the customer declined and paid the Got Repair price.



With that explanation of the Got Repair program, look at this number one more time…5,000! There have been over 5,000 people that know, not only can you drop and crack your device once, but twice, if not three times! So why not cover yourself here? We are not talking insurance, we are talking a massive discount, just for being our customer. There is no deductible, no paper work and no extra charge. It comes automatically with your Mission Repair service!

Keep in mind, we are talking about physical damage here. You already have awesome warranty coverage with Mission Repair, but add on to that accidental damage. Its the very reason we are called the intelligent choice by many people. It just makes sense choosing Mission Repair for your repair needs. Got Repair is attached to each one of our services, so you can bet we have you covered on whatever you need repaired!

So, here’s to another 5,000 customers that we can help save time, money and sanity with!

Cheers, Troy

My iPhone 5 Is Broken!

Hello M:R Nation –

You did in fact read the title correctly. My iPhone 5 is broken and guess what, I’m not going to repair it :-)! I will let Apple take the reigns on this one. You see, my iPhone 5 is still under warranty and though I would enjoy supporting Mission Repair with some of my hard earned money, I’d just rather have this repaired for free.

When I try to take pictures or a video with my iPhone 5, strange artifacts appear in the shot. It is kind of ghosty if you ask me. So while I am going through this, I might as well review my experience.

I went through Apple as a normal customer (because I am), and it took me some time to figure how to get a box sent to me. It seems every effort is put in place to get me to keep the phone or take it to a genius at my local store. While this is fine, it was a little off putting. I just want to send it out and not think about until I receive it back. I finally figured it out and this is what I received today:

Let the games begin!

Let the games begin!

I will get this thing shipped out and we will see what happens from there. Keep your eyes peeled for an update on this. My prediction is that I will receive a refurbished unit, so I better back up my data pronto!

Now this whole experience brings up a relevant topic for me to share with our customers and/or soon to be customers. We have made it a habit here at Mission Repair to check on your warranty for you if we receive your device and think it might still have coverage. We don’t want you to spend money if you don’t have to. This is a practice that dates back well into the 1st generation iPod repairs we used to do and we still practice it to this day.

If you have a cracked screen on your iPhone 5 or iPad Mini, its pretty obvious that it will not be covered under warranty. But if you have a newer device and think it might be under warranty and it has no signs of physical or water damage, double check with Apple, you have a good chance of a no cost repair or replacement. So why am I giving you this information? Because I am just like you, I don’t like to spend money when we don’t have to. So please take this tip for what it is worth and we will have your back the next time around when you don’t have that warranty coverage.

Now what am I going to do about a phone for the next few days?

Cheers, Troy

Mission Repair Company Picnic!

Hello M:R Nation –

This coming Sunday we will be having our very first company picnic! I know, I know…how could we be in business this long and never have a picnic? I really don’t have a good answer for that other than its either too hot or too cold to do anything outdoors in Kansas. We have decided to take a chance this year and it looks like it will pay off. With a high of only 78 degrees, things are looking good for the festivities.

Not Quite…

We are using this picnic to make up for our lost 6 months of Olympic events for 2013. This year, we are sending one of our lucky employees to Key West for some fun in the ocean. We have 6 different events that range from just plain scary, to just plain stupid. That mixed with some great KC BBQ and cold Coke, we are going to have one heck of a time! Because of this, we will be closing a little early on Sunday (3:00pm), so please call (866-638-8402), chat or come in before then to have your iPhone, iPad or Android serviced or any questions answered!

Cheers, Troy


The Kindle Fire Is Gaining Momentum!

Hello M:R  Nation –

I recently read an article that talked about web usage per tablet. Something interesting came out of that article. The Kindle Fire is out there in droves! With the iPad maintaining the highest percentage of users at 78.86%, this is actually a decrease for them. 7.14% to be exact.

The Kindle Fire is showing up as a massive 7.51% which is actually a very large number considering the ever so popular Samsung Tablets are only at 4.39%. What has caused this? Some say it has to do with increasing sales of the Kindle Fire, others say that it might just be that a good amount of iPad users are also iPhone 5 users which just happened to soar to a 8.27% usage share. Keep in mind, we are talking millions and millions of units here, so while these %’s seem small, it actually reflects a huge number.

Either way, this has a large impact here at Mission Repair. The more these devices are use, the more support our customers need. We love to be the company offering this support on the very wide range of technology that is out on the market today.  so if you find yourself in need of this kind of support, give us a shout at 866-638-8402 or email at support@missionrepair.com

Cheers, Troy

Deal Of The Week

Good Morning M:R Nation –

We are back to work on this beautiful Wednesday morning and its all of the sudden 2013. I have already caught myself writing 2012 ion several occasions and I am sure you have too ;-).

With the new year comes a whole set of new challenges, repair services and customers that we are excited to take care of. No doubt this year you will see companies like Apple, Samsung and HTC release new products that will surly need repairing. You never know, we might even see the elusive Apple LED TV. Should I make a prediction?

I’ll hold off on any predictions at the moment and give you something more tangible. How about a Deal Of The Week?!?!

Yes, I agree that this the absolute best way to start off 2013 and I can’t think of a better service to offer a deal on than the iPad 2 Glass and Digitizer Front Panel Repair Service – Black and iPad 2 Glass and Digitizer Front Panel Repair Service – White. These were some of our best sellers in 2012 and its time to start out strong again with these great machines.

Enjoy the savings while it lasts!

Cheers, Troy

Deal Of the Week!

Hello M:R Nation –

It’s 1:45 on Friday afternoon and I think its a perfect time to announce this weeks “Deal Of The Week”! The iPad 2 continues to prove itself as a timeless piece of technology. Even with 3 newer versions of the iPad released, folks keep plugging along with their coveted iPad 2. We are happy to say that we have the ability to help with this, using our  iPad 2 Glass Repair Service!

Cracked iPad 2

Cracked iPad 2

 Keeping these beauties out of the trash and in your hands is our main goal and we have made this a bit less expensive for the next 7 days! Starting right now, the iPad 2 Glass Repair Service – Black and iPad 2 Glass Repair Service – White are only $169.00! This will save you an extra $20.00 and you will receive the same awesome Mission:Repair experience as you would at full price :-)! This deal is valid through December 14th, so get those iPads shipped in.  This will make an awesome Christmas gift for that slightly clumsy relative (We all have them).

Cheers, Troy