Kindle Fire – “No Charge”.

Hello friends, I can’t tell you how big this service has been for us and how valuable it has been for our customers.

It’s obvious that the Kindle Fire simply has a “weak” charging port, and clearly these units start to fail after a certain amount of cable insertions into the micro USB port on the bottom of the Kindle Fire.


Please use care when charging your Kindle Fire, and most importantly, remember to be gentle with the cable end as you insert it into the port, and don’t “wiggle” the cable after it’s plugged into the machine. I personally think that we are seeing a lot of failures on these because customers may be moving their units after they are plugged in. Maybe even moving the unit by the cable? My advice would be to plug it in GENTLY; then set the unit down in a safe spot and let it charge undisturbed.

With this in mind, you still may see the dreaded “charging port” issue arise, and when it does, just give us a call at 866-638-8402 or order online here. We will fix your device for under $50 and keep the life going on your unit.

Take care, Ryan

Price Drop: Amazon Kindle LCD Screen Repair!

Hello M:R Nation –

We have been working hard on getting the Kindle 2 screen repair service down to a reasonable level and it looks like we have succeeded! Starting today, the Kindle Screen Repair Service for 6″ Kindle 2 is down a whopping $30 to only $59.00!

That’s hard to read!

Now I am no mathematician, but that seems like a bunch of somalians! This is a $15.00 savings over buying a new Kindle and the best part, YOU DONT HAVE TO TRANSFER YOUR BOOKS! Aside from the savings and ease of having your Kindle repaired with Mission Repair, you will be helping the environment. Repairing your Kindle results in 1 less device contributing to the e-waste epidemic that we have in the world today. You bought your Kindle to save some trees, now repair it and keep it from becoming worm food!

Cheers, Troy

New Service: Amazon Kindle Fire Battery Replacement!

Hello M:R Nation –

Have you ever found your Amazon Kindle Fire to be lacking in the battery life department? Over a period of about 2 years, a battery can start to become complacent in its task of keeping your device going. You will notice that it takes much longer to charge up and in some cases, it doesn’t even charge to its full capacity. Guess what, the Kindle Fire is about 2 years old! This puts it right in that range for the battery to start losing it intended power ability.

Kindle Fire battery, Kindle Fire battery replacement

Do you see that huge black square? Thats your battery!

We are now starting to hear this often of the Kindle Fire here at Mission Repair and that is how this newest service came to be. Kindle Fire owners want their original battery life back and Mission repair is going to give it to them! Starting today, I am pleased to announce the Kindle Fire Battery Replacement Service! With this service, we will get your battery life back up to full capacity and away you go!

Yes, it is that simple. We won’t hound on you for more money down the road, we won’t try to up-sell you once we have it and we won’t keep it hostage for a long period of time because we don’t have the part. We are fully stocked and ready to repair!

Oh, I almost forgot the icing on this cake…The Lifetime Battery Warranty! Once you have your Kindle Fire Battery replaced by Mission Repair, we will support that battery for the life of your device. Just another reason to chose Mission Repair for your Amazon Kindle Fire battery replacement needs.

Cheers, Troy

Deal Of The Week!

Hello M:R Nation –

With the Kindle Fire gaining so much momentum, there is no question of what the deal of the week should be this week. So without further ado, check out the newest Deal from Mission Repair!


Yep, thats right! You can now order the Amazon Kindle Fire Screen Repair Service for a low $89.00. I have actually set this to run for 8 days, but “Deal For 8 Days” just didn’t sound right.

With the Kindle Fire still costing $159.00 brand new, using this service is the clear choice if your goal is to save shillings. We will return YOUR device, we will not touch YOUR data. It is always a hassle to have to add your content and settings back on to a device, so this is just  another reason that repairing something is really the way to go.

Cheers, Troy

The Kindle Fire Is Gaining Momentum!

Hello M:R  Nation –

I recently read an article that talked about web usage per tablet. Something interesting came out of that article. The Kindle Fire is out there in droves! With the iPad maintaining the highest percentage of users at 78.86%, this is actually a decrease for them. 7.14% to be exact.

The Kindle Fire is showing up as a massive 7.51% which is actually a very large number considering the ever so popular Samsung Tablets are only at 4.39%. What has caused this? Some say it has to do with increasing sales of the Kindle Fire, others say that it might just be that a good amount of iPad users are also iPhone 5 users which just happened to soar to a 8.27% usage share. Keep in mind, we are talking millions and millions of units here, so while these %’s seem small, it actually reflects a huge number.

Either way, this has a large impact here at Mission Repair. The more these devices are use, the more support our customers need. We love to be the company offering this support on the very wide range of technology that is out on the market today.  so if you find yourself in need of this kind of support, give us a shout at 866-638-8402 or email at

Cheers, Troy