10% off coupon and Mission Repair’s Anniversary!

Well hello again! Every time I sit down to blog, I get bogged down. Or clogged up. Or log jammed. Ok, I’m trying to alliterate off of “blog” and it’s not really working so I’ll move on.


We had our business Anniversary today so we brought in lunch for the group and had a cake made for the occasion (Yes, I know, April Fool’s Day). This cake weighed in at just about 20 pounds, so after everyone got a reasonably sized hunk, it still left us with about 12 pounds of cake leftover. Need a piece? Come on down today or tomorrow and I’ll personally serve it up for you! Seriously my friend in the cake business (Michelle Canning) whipped up this beauty last night. Yes that’s raspberry filling too. Yummy.

So we got to talking to our employees about our accomplishments within this last year and we’ve come a long way. It’s exciting to see our “baby” continue to grow and we’re treating it right.

In honor of our Anniversary and to start us off right for another successful consecutive year, we’re offering 10% off on any product or service through Mission Repair for the next week. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other special coupon and expires on Midnight 4/8/09 so get your order in soon to capitalize. Just use coupon code “20CAKE” to receive your discount!

Thanks for reading, talk to you soon. Ryan

New 5% Off Coupon Released Today (and another new employee!)

Hi there everyone! I’m still in my whirlwind here at the office. . .
We hired another new employee that starts today, Phillip Esau- Phil brings us some tech experience and is going to help us organize and streamline some of our processes around here at Mission Repair.

Send Phil and email and say “hi”!

While I’m at it, I’m going to run another 5% off coupon toward any repair or product we sell now through February 8th, 2009. Just checkout online and use coupon code “WINTERMIX” to watch 5% of your order disappear.

Why is the coupon code “WINTERMIX”? Well is because it’s going to be about 6 degrees as the high tomorrow. Bundle up!

Take care, Ryan

Fall Ball is over – and a 5% off coupon!

Ok, I’ve had several people ask me how my coaching experience went this Fall with my 12 year old little league team.  So let’s just get right to the point.  We only won our last game.  The stress is over.  We broke the curse!

However, over the season we improved drastically.  My son, Casey played first base and he was a calm, cool, and collected until he missed a grounder and I yelled “CASEY!  GLOVE IN THE DIRT!”  For some reason I don’t think that he particularly liked the “advice”, but if you have kids and particularly if you are in a position that you are coaching your own child on a team, it seems hard not to be extra hard on him.  I just want him to be GREAT, you know?  Fact of the matter is he was great and I was really proud of my team sticking together and making a real run at the end of the season and finish on a high note.  We closed out winning 5 to 4 in a nail biter of a game.  I’m just gonna sneak in here and say that Casey made the last out.  Let me set up the scenario:

It’s 5 to 4.  2 outs.  Last inning, they have a man on first and the tying run on 3rd base.  This kid on 3rd wants to steal home badly.  This is where everything moves in slow motion:  Casey and Mike are holding their men on their bases and Logan makes what will be the last pitch of the season.  The batter crushes a line drive in between third and short.  Gulp.

Mike, on 3rd base, makes a great stop in the dirt.  The man on 3rd is going home.  Man on 1st is advancing to 2nd.  Mike evaluates the decision (whether to throw the runner out at home or to make the force out at 1st).  He throws to first, and Casey is ready.  Batter is charging first base.  Mike’s throw is too hard and way too low.  Gulp.

Casey stretches himself off first base and takes the short hop and snags the ball which beats the runner to first and beats the runner home.  Casey KNOWS he’s done it.  He throws his glove and hat in the air and the team goes into celebration mode.  What a way to finish!!!  Whew, thanks goodness my kid didn’t blow it! 😉

Ok, so there you have it.  A sad season with a happy ending.  To celebrate, we’ve initiated a new 5% off coupon for any product or service we offer.  Between now and the end of October, 2008, use coupon code “pumpkin” and 5% of your order will disappear.  It’s like a pre-halloween trick-or-treat goodie!  Stay tuned. . .Ryan

500GB Hard Drives for MacBook and MacBook Pro!

Ok, at last we’ve got our stock of 500 GB 2.5″ SATA hard drives in for our newest repair program.  These new drives offer you the largest capacity possible for your Intel Based MacBook or MacBook Pro.  They are Serial ATA and 5400 RPM, and each comes with a full 3 year manufacturers warranty.  As usual, this repair comes with full data transfer!

Check out our MacBook and MacBook Pro 500 GB Hard Drive service here, and we’re taking orders daily.

Thanks for checking back with us, and since it’s October (well in the next few hours it’ll be October) we’re getting in the mood for Halloween here at Mission Repair.  Have a good costume idea?  Let me know because I need an award winner this year!!  I’ll be back with a few October specials in the next day or so.