I’m a fan!

Hello there, I just talked a few minutes ago about liquid damaged units, but let’s move on to something that most people never think about:


Yes, I’m sure you clean the outside of your computer from time to time…or at least the cleaning lady does it, right?  Well I bet you’re one of the millions of computer users that never opens their laptop to clean the inside.  Why would you want to?


Did you know that simply having dust inside of your computer can cause it to fail?  I spoke to a former PCB designer who stated “Dust causes arcing and can cause shorting and certainly fail an entire electrical circuit (LIKE A MOTHERBOARD!).  Additionally while it wouldn’t conduct full current flow per se, the suspended particles are able to carry electric charge and differences between the charges of the particles allows dust to have conductivity.”

So above is a picture of a fan inside of a Mac laptop…you can visually see the dust buildup on the blades.  Also, take a look at this logic board from the same unit:


The “dust bunnies” are accumulating and can simply cause issues in the long run.  Remember, dust CAN conduct electricity (similar to water, metal or human skin!) and that’s BAD for all of these exposed solder points. Why not open up your computer and blow it out once in a while?  If you’re not up to it, we’ll be happy to take care of it here at Mission Repair…and we can even do it while you wait – for a small service charge.

However, don’t wait until it’s too late…once the dust shorts out your logic board, you’ll be in for a much bigger repair bill; over something that should be considered preventive maintenance.  Now even Apple, Inc. doesn’t expect you to do this on your own…but they should.  Cleaning the outside of your computer is important, but cleaning the inside could double the life expectancy.  Take it from me, I’ve seen thousands of units just like the one above and dust can be the worst silent killer of your computer.

Have a good night, sleep tight, don’t let the dust bunnies bite!


That MacBook causing you issues?

When you’re trying to write the next report and find that pinwheel spinning endlessly on your desktop…it’s a frustrating thing. Do you have nightmares about the multicolored pinwheel that just spins in your face? Stop pulling your hair out – those issues don’t just fix themselves.


Call us if you’re having Mac problems. We understand that there are a lot of benefits of working on Macs over Windows laptops, but they are not bullet proof. Yes it’s true there is no real “virus threat” and Macs are significantly ahead of the Microsoft based software system that you’re used to in terms of viruses. But the Mac software is susceptible to bad hardware and “clogged” software and when it chokes, it goes down hard.

Mission Repair can fix the issue, and we offer free diagnosis. Why? Because if you want to know what’s wrong with your computer, we’ll tell ya. And if you want your computer repaired, you’re going to know that we’ll take care of you.

Remember “Mission Repair” for your computer repair needs – with a free diagnosis and no obligation for repairs – you’re in a win-win situation. And you’ll never have to stare at this again:


Unless you like that sort of thing 😉

Take, care, Ryan

Have you cracked that glass on your new MacBook? $99 – DONE.

Hello all, I just performed a quick interview from a news outlet in Austin, Texas. They want to run some press on our MacBook Glass Repair, and we talked about our service in detail. Firstly, let me explain that we take these units in from all over the country and we’re not limited the to the Austin market!

$99 and you'll be back in business.

We have a flat rate – $99 installed for a new glass panel on ANY SIZE MacBook Unibody Computer. That would be the 13″, 15″ or the 17″ models. These new versions of the Apple MacBook have a thin layer of glass that protects the LCD screen and as many of our customers are finding out that the glass can crack, break and make that amazing computer kind of worthless. A quick query from the manufacturer and you’ll find that a price that you’re not going to want to pay!

13″ MacBook Unibody Glass Repair
15″ MacBook Unibody Glass Repair
17″ MacBook Unibody Glass Repair

At Mission Repair we have perfected this service and we’re happy to bring our customers one low price for these repairs. 24 hour turnaround and our amazing GOT REPAIR benefits are also included. This means that after we repair it if you ever break it again – we will repair it again – under our GOT REPAIR program. No other business in the market is bold enough to offer this!

So when the need arises (be careful with that glass!) just give us a call toll-free and we’ll be happy to get your unit back in to working order and looking new again. 866-638-8402.


Give the gift of iPod or MacBook repair, only at Mission Repair!

Hello all, have a good Easter Sunday? I over-ate as usual. My mother’s honey baked ham and sides were just unbelievable. She even made my favorite sherry cake (haven’t had that since I was in my early twenties!) and it was just fantastic. We have several bags of leftover ham for lunches – all I need to add is the bread and the mustard. Yummy!


Well I would have liked to have this done last week as we have had several customers requesting gift certificates but it’s finally completed- we are now offering gift certificates and the coding is completed in our database. Frankly, it’s just awesome!

You can order your Mission Repair gift certificate here!

Buy yourself (or your loved one) a gift certificate for any service or product at Mission Repair. The gift certificates are redeemable online or when you call in and our sophisticated database tracks your purchases and credits with ease. At any time you can view your available credit on your gift certificate ONLINE via your account login. It’s 100% secure and a great way to send a gift!

Our gift certificates are available in one of two ways: you can have it emailed to your email address (or the email address of the person you are buying the certificate for) or you can opt to have us mail out the certificate to the address of your choice. It’s that easy!!

You can redeem your gift certificate here!

Please give us a call if you have any questions at 866-638-8402! Thanks and I’ll be talking to you again soon!

Best, Ryan

10% off coupon and Mission Repair’s Anniversary!

Well hello again! Every time I sit down to blog, I get bogged down. Or clogged up. Or log jammed. Ok, I’m trying to alliterate off of “blog” and it’s not really working so I’ll move on.


We had our business Anniversary today so we brought in lunch for the group and had a cake made for the occasion (Yes, I know, April Fool’s Day). This cake weighed in at just about 20 pounds, so after everyone got a reasonably sized hunk, it still left us with about 12 pounds of cake leftover. Need a piece? Come on down today or tomorrow and I’ll personally serve it up for you! Seriously my friend in the cake business (Michelle Canning) whipped up this beauty last night. Yes that’s raspberry filling too. Yummy.

So we got to talking to our employees about our accomplishments within this last year and we’ve come a long way. It’s exciting to see our “baby” continue to grow and we’re treating it right.

In honor of our Anniversary and to start us off right for another successful consecutive year, we’re offering 10% off on any product or service through Mission Repair for the next week. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other special coupon and expires on Midnight 4/8/09 so get your order in soon to capitalize. Just use coupon code “20CAKE” to receive your discount!

Thanks for reading, talk to you soon. Ryan