What’s so special about the MacBook Retina Display?

Hi there everyone- I’m feeling a bit worn out from the week at Mission Repair and I’m breathing a sigh of relief that it’s Friday afternoon and that just feels good!

It’s been one of those weeks – the first week of March – that has really given me a run for the money. March is always the start of our busy season here at Mission Repair and the repair swell has begun. February was an astounding month as well when we announced our MacBook Retina Screen Repair service, which has been a huge seller over the last couple of weeks.

Why is the MacBook with Retina screen different than any other laptop screen repair? What’s the big deal? Let’s take a look inside:

Stripping the 15" Retina Screen from the frame of a MacBook....

Stripping the 15″ Retina Screen from the frame of a MacBook….

Notice that the glass is fused to the LCD.  This is a huge difference over the previous version Unibody MacBook!

Notice that the glass is fused to the LCD. This is a huge difference over the previous version Unibody MacBook!

What’s all the hype about? Well repair centers will have a tough time with this repair. Well, repair centers other than us here at Mission Repair ­čśë

We can receive your 15″ MacBook Pro Retina Display Laptop, disassemble the upper have like we show here, separate the glass from the LCD and replace the glass with a new panel. That is, if you ever need to have your glass or LCD replaced, (or both!) – because it’s become cracked of course.

That’s what we do here at Mission Repair- we are in the business of solving your computer and hand-held device issues; especially fixing cracked screens on iPhones, iPods and computers. And tablets. And Smartphones. You get the picture.

So remember us if you ever have a need to repair your brand new MacBook Retina Screen. We can solve that problem for you and give you the peace of mind that you need when the manufacturer doesn’t. Mission Repair, the Intelligent Choice.

Best, Ryan

Cracked Macbook Pro with Retina Display? Mission Repair Has You Covered!

Happy Monday M:R Nation –

Did you know that Mission Repair services the newest Macbook Pro with Retina display? We actually service both the 13″ and 15″ models which have just recently been released by Apple.

What makes these services differ from our normal Macbook Pro Repairs? Well, it’s that beautiful Retina display. Thinner and more crisp than ever, you would have to imagine that there is some kind of new technology used for this result? Well, this is a yes and no. What you see on the Retina display Macbook Pro is the same thing you see on the new Macbook Air, the whole display is built into the display backing.

Macbook Pro Retina Display Repair

You can see in the above picture the different layers that are included in the new MacBook Pro Retina display assembly. What should really jump out to the trained eye is the fact that the glass is no longer a separate piece. It too, is built into the display backing with all of the other LCD components. In fact, the glass is now considered a component of  the LCD screen. This is how Apple has produced such a masterful display. In true Apple fashion, less has become so much more!

With this new configuration, this means that this is not a project for the DIY’er! This is not something you would want to do sitting at your kitchen table. This procedure calls for a few specialty tools that you can’t pick up at the local hardware store, unfortunately. However, if you are considering completing this repair yourself, you should start with the tool needed first and foremost, a cleanroom. This should only set you back a few hundred grand ­čśë

A cleanroom will help you keep any dust or debris from entering those layers that you are building into the display back. Now, we know most of you don’t have a few hundred grand to just throw towards a cleanroom and this is where Mission Repair has you covered! We will do all of the work for you! We have all of the tools, the ┬áprofessionally trained technicians and experience to turn your frown upside down!

We are now offering both the┬áMacBook Pro 15″ RETINA DISPLAY Glass and LCD Repair┬áand ┬áMacBook Pro 13″ RETINA DISPLAY Glass and LCD Repair┬áservices! We have had the 15″ service up for some time now, but never really announced it. With the addition of the 13″ service, we find this to be the perfect time for that! So starting today, we are actually officially announcing these services! Along with screen services, we also have diagnosis, superdrive and logic board flat rate services, so please look out for those.

We are excited to offer these much needed services and hope to save you some cash along the way. Repairing your Retina display with Mission Repair will be 1/4 the cost of buying a new laptop. This is a number I can’t make up. So please contact us at 866-638-8402 with any questions you may have and enjoy the first Monday of March!

Cheers, Troy