Part 1: Cryptocurrency: Basics, history and comparison to traditional stocks.

Happy New Year everyone! I hope this finds you starting off 2018 with a positive outlook and some much-needed rest over the holiday break. I thought I would cover some technology news and happenings that have caught my attention as most of the world in recent months. While here at Mission Repair our day to day activities rarely leave the scope of computer or mobile device repair. If you thought the iPhone in 2007 was revolutionary, you might want to learn more about “Blockchain” and what it represents. I will be doing multiple parts on the subject and hope you can find a bit of knowledge in my ramblings or simply enjoy the information presented.

If you watch or read any of the news lately Bitcoin and Blockchain are two words you probably have heard a lot about. What in the world is it? How does it work? That’s the real question of what could be the next really, really big thing in how money and information move around the world. I’m by no means an expert, but I’ve spent the last several month researching, educating and dabbling in some various means of Bitcoin and altcoin investing and mining. I heard about Bitcoin back in 2010 and knew enough then that it was something I didn’t understand well enough to pursue or invest in. OH if that darn crystal ball would have just made some noise haha. However, it never was completely off my mind and if it’s in the technology realm… I’m interested in learning about it.


First and foremost this is not a guide to investing, nor anything more than my opinions and knowledge thus far.  So what is Bitcoin and why should anyone care about it? Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, in general terms a digital form of currency. There are literally hundreds of cryptocurrencies currently trading on various cryptocurrency exchanges. They all have specific purposes and while some coins are just nonsense and will fail, others are purpose-built for say business to business contracts. Others are built for things like “in-app” purchases were all so fond of. Bitcoin, while it can be used to purchase things online it is viewed as an investment vehicle to store value/wealth.

So how is it different than a stock like Apple? First off it’s not a regulated by a formal government agency like stocks. Stocks have the (SEC) Security and Exchange Commision that monitors the overall market, think of them as the stock or Wall Street police. Before you just write off Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as some horrible thing that only thieves and hackers or criminals will use… consider this.

Bad things still happen on Wall Street such as insider trading, most notably Martha Stewart in recent years. Hardly a hardcore criminal but illegal none the less. Then you have the Ponzi scheme’s etc… Bernie Madoff ring a bell? He went to jail for a massive Ponzi scheme. Remember the real estate crash from the late 2000’s? JP Morgan was one of many investment firms fully knowing they were putting Americans at risk with subprime loans… which the US taxpayers bailed these firms out and did anyone go to jail?? Nope! So if you think “Wall Street” is the “safe bet”, well think again, it’s all risky. Anyone that tells you it’s a “sure thing” or there is zero risks is lying. Period. So does all this new technology have a risk? Absolutely. The real magic here is understanding and considering the impact the underlying technology (Blockchain) has and will have in transforming the banking and investing industry along with pretty much any form of payments made between people, business, banks, and countries worldwide.

So what is the “gold standard” for investing? Well, punny you should ask… 🙂 Why is gold widely considered the safest investment? I believe people find gold safe due to the fact you can physically hold a gold bar, lock it in a safe, bury it in your backyard or whatever makes you feel safe. Gold has been used for centuries as a means to store value. It can be transported, there is a finite supply and it is divisible by melting it down into literally any amount from grams to ounces or pounds. The stability is what’s attractive and the fact if you have a pure gold bar/coin etc… you can probably spend it nearly anywhere in the world. I’m sure there are exceptions but you get the idea. Universal currency so to speak.

How is Bitcoin similar? While it is a digital coin, you can, in fact, write down with pen and paper a series of passwords and numbers that you can physically hold in safe to restore your digital currency at a later date. Bitcoin is divisible by any amount and there is a finite quantity. There will be no more than 21,000,000 Bitcoins created/mined which is why by comparison to other cryptocurrencies it’s 17,000+ per bitcoin and could possibly reach much higher or end up back at pennies per coin. More on that in part 2…

Back to the security of things. Currently, Cryptocurrencies do not have a government “police” agency as they revolve around the Blockchain technology and the fact anyone and everyone can see the ledger and each transaction is verified by numerous computers (miners) around the world. Bitcoin is in simple terms checks to see if each transaction is “legit” and real by a very, very large mathematical checks and balances. The “cryptology” behind it all is described best in the link to “Blockchain” above.

I’ll leave you with this thought for Part 1: Nearly 1/3rd of the people on earth do NOT have a bank account. Something we take for granted. Digital currencies and this transformative technology can help bring currency and aid in so many aspects where the slow grind of government agencies have failed to reach people. You may be thinking how can they receive it without a computer or cell phone? Companies like Western Union and other “wire cash services” are already looking at and partnering with certain cryptocurrencies to enable access to money around the world and making it as easy as sending a text to help someone in need.

I hope if nothing else you can watch the news now and not be completely mystified as to what in the heck they are talking about. More to come in Part 2!

Why you should use MFI certified charging cables!

While everyone loves a bargin.. and a cheap charging cord you grab at the checkout of any number of stores from a gas station to Walmart seems like you just saved big! Well, here at Mission Repair we are seeing more and more damaged iPhones and iPads that I believe the only issues are charging related. The customers claim no drops, liquid or any other situation that would cause damage has occurred yet their device won’t power on, won’t charge etc…

If you see brown spots or deformed wire covering (shown on the right in the picture below) which is likely from the cable producing excess heat… throw it away immediately!! If you’re in doubt about your $.99 cent cable.. toss it.

Lightening cables melting

So what could possibly be the issue? We work with several shops and share information. One, in particular, is highly skilled board specialists that continue to report various electronic components on the logic boards been burned up or “blown” like a fuse in your home or car. The reason would seem to point to faulty or cheap charging cables.

First and foremost I am not saying you must only buy Apple branded cables. Belkin, Griffin and multiple other accessory vendors sell legit cables that are “Apple/MFI certified” and have the proper IC chips in them to regulate voltage and not overcharge or burn out circuitry in your device. Follow this link tell if you have legit cables. This picture shows the chip at the end of the MFI certified cable, which many legitimate companies pay a fee to Apple to use. That fee alone is (last I heard) in the $5 range plus or minus depending on the volume. That makes a $.99 cable.. well fake. If you’re getting a “deal” on even those $2.99 cables, it’s probably fake as well. Bottom line it must be an MFI certified cable, and legitimate companies will clearly state the information on the outside of the packing. However, in the world of counterfeiting and fakes, even the packaging can be fake. My best advice is stick with name brands you know and trusts over the years. I usually keep Belkin and Griffen cables at my retail locations as they have been very reliable.


Bottom line would you rather pay $9.99 or more for a cable or get the call from your local repair shop that your new iPhone/iPad that you paid well over $500 is now dead. While some of these are repairable, typically this type of repair is $200+. The surge of electricity can literally kill your device and leave you with a $0.99 glittery pink/red/blue charging cable and a $500 paperweight!

I know it’s painful (cost wise) when you need multiple charging cables but based on the past few months/year of repairs it’s not a matter of IF.. but when that day comes you have an issue. The real danger, of course, is not a dead device but the chance the cheap cable starts a fire and puts you and your family at risk of serious injury or loss of something much more valuable than a phone or tablet.

Please be safe and take the time to inspect your cables!

Mutiple Locations to serve KC!

Good Morning everyone!

Over the past few years, Mission Repair has opened a few new retail locations. Unfortunately, our first effort in Lenexa had some major water issues so we were forced to move. We found our new home and have completed our remodeling and settled in. In an effort to better serve the KC metro area. We found a new location here in Lenexa and I wanted to make sure those of you that have not been by our store get a chance to see it.

We have two locations in the KC metro area, and with customers coming from all over the area, we appreciate the loyalty and want to be sure you are aware of our newest location.

Mission Repair retail stores are located at:

Mission Repair – 14343 W 100th St. Lenexa, KS 66215

Mission Repair – 5604 Johnson Drive  Mission, KS 66202

We also still offer our mail-in service at our 14343 W 100th St location with plenty of space to handle a single device or hundreds. We work with schools, insurance companies, and various business to support their repair and refurbishment needs.

Thank you again for your business and continued support for Mission Repair!

Have a great day!

iPhone Apps not always safe…

It’s easy to assume that every app on the Apple app store is safe. It’s also something most people don’t even think about as a threat. Well as an avid reader of all things tech, I have followed a site called Macrumors for many years. This most recent article is a valuable resource and I would encourage everyone to follow the steps outlined in the article to be sure you, or possibly a child downloading a game? These can be malicious apps. Macrumors has been a steady source of tips, tricks and warnings such as this one for thousands of readers so wanted to pass this one along.

Find the article here:

Be safe and Happy Friday!

iPhone X… Will you buy it?

With the Pre-order date of the iPhone X now at hand, Saturday morning 2:01 AM CST,  I always get the question “are you buying the new iPhone” along with a dozen questions of why? what’s new? should I upgrade etc… While I do love technology in many forms the evolution of the iPhone has been a slow one in terms of design from the iPhone 6 to the iPhone 8. So my pattern has been skipping a generation as I had the iPhone 6+, now a 7+ and now skipping the 8 for the iPhone X.

The why? Having an iPhone 7+ means a very large phone that while I enjoy the large screen, I hate having to put in a pocket. Truth be told, I’m getting older and the small screens are tough to read sometimes! My hope is a larger screen in a smaller form factor may be the ideal combo. Here at Mission Repair, we are excited to see the Touch ID home button give way to a camera that uses facial recognition as the anyone familiar with the repair industry knows the issues that can come from a broken home button. Losing touch ID and any number of issues can arise.

So for me, yes I am upgrading on the iPhone Upgrade Program from Apple. Basically, instead of paying the carrier $xx a month or whatever the number is, I pay Apple directly and every year I am eligible if I choose to upgrade. This involves them sending me a new iPhone of my choice, then sending back the current iPhone, which in the case will be my iPhone 7+. A few interesting parts of the program is that Apple Care+ is included in the payment and not an option to drop and the ability to get everything setup for checkout as of Monday the 23rd for the pre-order starting on the 27th. So I was given a head start so to speak of the millions that will be frantically trying to preorder and I will simply open the Apple Store app and hit submit. While I may not choose to purchase Apple Care as “I know a guy” that can fix my phone 🙂 I still believe it’s a good system to not be locked to a carrier and not drop $1000 on a new device each year and deal with selling the old no eBay or CL.

Let us know if you plan on ordering the iPhone X and as always, if the worse should happen and you damage your new iPhone, Mission Repair is here to help!

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!

iOS Update Solves Touch issues on iPhone 6S, 7 and 7+!!

It would seem Apple has finally, in even a small way, acknowledged the repair shops of the world in the latest iOS update 11.0.3. The message of what the latest iOS updates talks about the fixes to touchscreen issues that can occur when an “aftermarket” screen is used to repair an original one.

First and foremost it’s important to know that Apple does not make the glass and LCD used for their iPhones. Companies like Samsung, Sharp, and Japan Display all make components for Apple. The repair shops usually buy OEM products that may have an LCD from one of these manufacturers but the glass and small cables maybe from a non-OEM factory in China. It’s a complicated maze to get quality parts on a consistent basis as several wholesale parts companies in the US strive to do on a daily basis.

The point of all this is that if you do happen to break your iPhone 6S, 7 or 7+ screen, be sure to update to the latest iOS update 11.0.3 prior to getting your iPhone repaired so that there is not an issue once a new replacement screen is installed. Here at Mission Repair we have had several issues with this and were forced to turn away a repair as no matter which new screen we installed there were issues. The customer most recently had to pay a local Apple store $169 for the screen and $349 for the “home button/touch ID” as they claimed it was an issue from the new screen installed. Forcing someone to pay over $500 because Apple locks the parts to the logic board is insanity. Hopefully, this iOS update fixes those issues making it easier for the consumer to get affordable repairs for their iDevices.

Have a great weekend!