iPhone X… Will you buy it?

With the Pre-order date of the iPhone X now at hand, Saturday morning 2:01 AM CST,  I always get the question “are you buying the new iPhone” along with a dozen questions of why? what’s new? should I upgrade etc… While I do love technology in many forms the evolution of the iPhone has been a slow one in terms of design from the iPhone 6 to the iPhone 8. So my pattern has been skipping a generation as I had the iPhone 6+, now a 7+ and now skipping the 8 for the iPhone X.

The why? Having an iPhone 7+ means a very large phone that while I enjoy the large screen, I hate having to put in a pocket. Truth be told, I’m getting older and the small screens are tough to read sometimes! My hope is a larger screen in a smaller form factor may be the ideal combo. Here at Mission Repair, we are excited to see the Touch ID home button give way to a camera that uses facial recognition as the anyone familiar with the repair industry knows the issues that can come from a broken home button. Losing touch ID and any number of issues can arise.

So for me, yes I am upgrading on the iPhone Upgrade Program from Apple. Basically, instead of paying the carrier $xx a month or whatever the number is, I pay Apple directly and every year I am eligible if I choose to upgrade. This involves them sending me a new iPhone of my choice, then sending back the current iPhone, which in the case will be my iPhone 7+. A few interesting parts of the program is that Apple Care+ is included in the payment and not an option to drop and the ability to get everything setup for checkout as of Monday the 23rd for the pre-order starting on the 27th. So I was given a head start so to speak of the millions that will be frantically trying to preorder and I will simply open the Apple Store app and hit submit. While I may not choose to purchase Apple Care as “I know a guy” that can fix my phone 🙂 I still believe it’s a good system to not be locked to a carrier and not drop $1000 on a new device each year and deal with selling the old no eBay or CL.

Let us know if you plan on ordering the iPhone X and as always, if the worse should happen and you damage your new iPhone, Mission Repair is here to help!

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!

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