Winter is Coming… Wait, no, It is Here

Phone with broken screen on snow in car trails

Here in Kansas we have been spoiled with the weather this year. Until recently. We officially have had our first freezes. Thank goodness, the oak mites were eating me alive! Winters here in the midwest last too long and usually seem to skip fall. It feels almost as inconvenient as damage to our favorite mobile devices. Lucky for you we have a few deals happening.

  • iPad 2/3/4 screen repairs are on sale for $99!
  • iPhone 6 screen repairs have been reduced to $99 as well!

Most importantly, if you bring in one non-perishable food item to either of our two retail locations you will receive $10 off of your repair! Proceeds benefit the local Kansas City Indian Center.

Bring In One Nonperishable Food Item and Receive $10 Off of Your Repair!

Making Donations To Food Bank

Good Morning Bloggers,

My name is Natasha and this is my first blog for CGR! It is a privilege to say that my first time writing here is to introduce this year’s giving back food drive program! Today through January 1st, 2017, we will be accepting one non-perishable food item for $10 off of your repair!* The donations will go straight to The Kansas City Indian Center food pantry.

There is a good reason that we chose KCIC:

The Kansas City Indian Center (Heart of America Indian Center), a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation, has been serving the Kansas City’s American Indian population since 1971.

Times have changed in the last 40 years, but KCIC’s goals have not:

  • Providing health, welfare and cultural services to American Indian individuals and families of our community
  • Promoting fellowship among the American Indian people of all tribes living in the Kansas City Area
  • Stimulating the natural integration of the American Indian into the community
  • Encouraging artistic and vocational pursuits by American Indian people
  • Preserving and fostering traditional American Indian cultural values

The Kansas City Indian Center also is near and dear to my heart. My time volunteering at KCIC gave me an opportunity to help my community and learn more about the culture of my ancestors. I volunteered once or twice a week, even when it was not in the best interest of my busy schedule, but I made it work. When the wonderful employees found out that I was falling behind, they encouraged me to take a few “staples” home to make my mediocre haul of groceries last a couple more weeks. I had seen the long lines on Fridays of families and did not want to take from anyone less fortunate than I already was. But my new friends would not take, ‘no’ for an answer, and in doing so showed me the impact a dedicated group of people can have.

KCIC is not just there for the Native Americans in the Kansas City area. They were and still are there for the whole community. Every Friday,  my heart breaks to see people having to leave empty handed, but it does happen. Although KCIC receives some assistance, they are overlooked and overshadowed by some of the larger donation and outreach centers. That is why we want to do what we can to help with this great association. Non-perishable donations may seem small, but they can have a great impact!

Please join us in assisting these amazing souls as they contribute to our community. Tis the season of giving. We will forward your donations and give you $10 off of your repair as a thank you!

*Restrictions apply: Limit one discount per repair. Must be used in one transaction. Cannot be combined with any other offers, discounts, or used to redeem discounts of previously purchased repairs. Not redeemable for cash, gift cards, gift certificates, or store credit. No reproductions or rain checks accepted. Offer valid only during promotional period. Discount does not apply to taxes, shipping and handling charges, or similar charges. Reworks where a discount was applied may result in an adjusted refund amount. Discount excludes sale merchandise and/or clearance merchandise.

iCloud Calender Spam

Screen Shot 2016-12-02 at 10.38.56 AM.png

The newest form of spam: iCloud Calendar invites.

These spam Calendar invites get forced onto your iPhone or computer as notifications and Calendar invitations for junk products labeled “ray-ban”, “Oakley”, “Louis Vuitton.”  Amazingly enough, there is no simple way to ignore them through Calendar and iCloud.  Here are three ways to deal with them:

Option 1: Stop Calendar Spam Notifications with iCloud

All this method does is redirect the Calendar spam from Notifications into email instead. It’s not a perfect solution but it prevents the notifications from showing up on your screen.

  1.  login to on the web
  2. Click “Calendar”
  3. Click the little gear icon in the corner, then choose “Preferences”
  4. Choose “Advanced” and then scroll down to “Invitations” and check the box next to ‘Email to”, then click Save.

All this does is redirect all Calendar invitations to your email instead of as notifications on the devices. Unfortunately, if you actually use Calendar invitations, then you’ll no longer get those notifications either.

Option 2: Move Calendar Spam Invitations to a Spam Calendar and Delete

Another workaround from Apple Discussions forums is redirecting the spam notifications into a separate spam calendar, and then removing that calendar. The problem with this approach is you will need to do this every time you get a spam invite.

  1. On the Mac or iPhone, open Calendar app
  2. Create a new iCloud calendar, label it something obvious like “SpamCalendar”
  3. Choose the junk invite and move the spam event invitations to the new iCloud calendar
  4. Now delete the new iCloud Spam Calendar calendar
  5. At the pop-up, choose to “Delete and Don’t Notify” – this is important because you do not want to notify the spam sender that your email address is active, so be sure to choose “Don’t Notify”
  6. Repeat for any and all future iCloud Spam Calendar invitations as they arrive

Annoying? Yes, but this allows you to delete the iCloud spam calendar invites without responding to them and without notifying the sender.

Option 3: Declining the Spam Calendar Invite

The most popular route is to just decline the spam Calendar invite. The problem with that is it notifies the sender that your email address is active by declining, meaning you will almost certainly get even more.

There is no perfect method to get around these, but due to its highly intrusive nature, it has received mentions in The New York Times and CNBC so the problem will hopefully be addressed by Apple soon.


Sourced: 12/1/16