Classes & Training


Are you new to Mac, or just looking to get more out of your purchase?  Are you used to creating documents using Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint, but don’t really want to purchase the Microsoft suite again?  Apple offers incredible programs designed to accomplish the same goals, while offering additional features.  Pages, Numbers, iMovie and Keynote are excellent alternatives if you have a Mac.  It does, however, take a little getting used to.  Let us show you how to get started!

Not interested?  What about just understanding your hand-held devices better?  What does this button do?  Where is my email?!  Why am I getting my wife’s text messages on my iPad?  Technology today offers so many accessibility features intended to tailor phones and tablets to meet the needs of the user.  Everything from utilizing hand-off between your Apple devices, to something as basic as backing your iPhone up… our experienced technicians at Mission Repair can show you how.  After all, what’s the point in buying the Ferrari if you don’t see how fast it can go?

“I never back my phone up.  I don’t even know how,”  said the lady that just lost all her child’s first year of baby pictures in the pool.  Security is an ever-growing concern in this day in age.  Technology can be downright scary, but only if you don’t understand it.  Our course instructors are here to set your mind at ease.  “What is the cloud?  Is it secure?  Where does my data go? Do I have to use the cloud?”  No one wants to lose all their data in a catastrophe, but where can it be saved so it’s safe?  Rest assured Apple has gone to great lengths to protect their customers.  We can tell you all about it.  Keep an eye out for our training classes, launching this spring 2017.

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