Dear Repeat iPhone Breakers:

Dear Repeat iPhone Breakers:

You know who you are.

Loyal iPhone users are everywhere, from the business professional, to the snapchat addict. This informational blog is for all of you who find that soon after your iPhone upgrade, your screen is broken. You are just weeks away from having the iPhone 7 in your hands. Should things go terribly awry and you find yourself with a broken iPhone 7 just days later then rest assured! We have you covered, replacement screens are available NOW for us to repair your (soon to be) iPhone 7.


Obtaining the best quality parts is always a challenge and takes years of building professional relationships with vendors. At Mission:Repair and Certified Gadget Repair we have done just that. The pre-availability of the iPhone 7 screen is a testament to the special relationships that we have built over the years.

Not upgrading right away? Take advantage of our quality supply chain to repair your last generation device.