Vacation Tips to keep your devices safe!

Hello everyone –


Schools out, summer is here, let the vacations begin! Busy planning, packing and getting all the travel details ready? It’s easy not to think much about your cellphone right? It’s always just worked and been there when you need it….right? Well, a few things can change on vacation when your mind is on the family, fun and all the other details.

First off, while you never have an issue with battery life during your normal day being on the road can cause your battery to drain rather quickly. Why? well as you travel to different states you may end up “roaming” on another cell providers network. In fact as your phone searches for the best signal it can which causes it to use more battery power than normal, sometimes nearly double the amount of battery required! Grabbing a external battery pack or battery case can be helpful and extend the battery to what you normally expect.


The second thing to think about is if you are using your smartphone for GPS navigation? Once again… BIG battery drain.Make sure you have a quality car charger that can keep up with the power demands of your trip. I recommend a 10watt or even a 17watt car charger like the ones we sell everyday at both our Lenexa and Mission stores. ¬†However the biggest danger no one thinks about is if you mount your phone in the windshield and then jump out to grab lunch… Well your car can get rather toasty, sort of like an easy bake oven! Take an average sunny 85 or 90 degree day your car’s interior can reach upwards of 140+ degrees! Literally baking your phone to the point it won’t turn on! Luckily most of the time once it cools down it will power back on. Heat is the number one enemy of electronics, while rare, it can cause permanent damage if temps reach high enough.


The third item is water… always be aware that if you’re at a resort or beach and you carry your phone I’ve heard more than a few stories of people forgetting the phone was in their shorts pocket and they jumped in for a swim! That rarely ends well. If it happens I know you want to turn the device on to see if its still working, but know that can be the worst thing you can do. Hitting the power button sends electricity throughout the device… and water that is likely inside can then short things out and literally kill the phone. The best thing to do is dry off the outside and then get it back to your hotel room and use a fan or a hair dryer on low heat or cool to blow on the phone overnight. We recommend twenty four hours but dry it for as long as you can before testing.

I hope these tips can save you some headaches and keep your smartphone or tablet safe and useful throughout your trip. Safe travels… and of course if the unthinkable happens Mission Repair is here to help!

Have a great summer!