Happy 4th of July!!

Hello everyone –

I hope  your summer has started out great and your vacations have been awesome. I can’t really believe the year is half over and the 4th of July is right around the corner. Here at Mission Repair we want to wish everyone a safe and happy 4th!

4th of July

We will be closed at both locations on July 4th so our employee’s can be with their friends and families. We will open again on Tuesday July 5th at 7am to 7pm and resume normal business hours.

Thank you all for the continued support and referrals!


iPad Air 2: Falling Prices!

Hello Everyone –

It’s always great when I get to drop the prices on a repair due to falling part costs! June is the month that brings the iPad Air 2 under the $200 mark. Thankfully as each device ages the parts costs slide down to a point the repairs make sense. The iPad Air 2 parts costs had been slowly sliding down for months but now that the iPad Pro is out the prices have dropped to a point the repair makes sense. I’ve adjusted prices as quickly as possible to bring the best value on this repair over the past few months. Now I’m expecting to see the parts level out a bit as it’s settled into a reasonable price point based on the cost of the device. Wether you are looking to repair and keep using or repair the Air 2 if your looking to sell it to upgrade to the iPad Pro.


Check out our Deal of the Month on the iPad Air 2 glass/LCD repair! This price is literally HALF the cost this repair was just 60 days ago. The part is more expensive than the normal iPad 2,3 or 4 and even the 1st Generation iPad Air due tot he fact the glass and LCD are fused together. The thinner the devices become more of a challenge for manufacturers to build so they turn to fusing parts and finding ways to make the devices thinner for each new generation of device.  Permanently bonding the glass and LCD allows them to shave  few millimeters in thickness. Great for marketing, not always great for consumers when it comes to the repair costs. However, the iPad Air 2 has many years of use left in it with cutting edge mobile components that will stream 4k video’s, run graphic intense mobile games and do just about anything a laptop can do.

Come by one of our Kansas City locations, or mail in your iPad today! Were happy to make the cracks disappear and return your device in like new condition!

Life happens… were here to fix it!


Technical Difficulties! (Resolved)

Hello everyone –

tech diff

The issues on our blog are resolved! For the past few weeks when visiting our site www.missionrepair.com, the link to the blog, which has been down, is now up and live….wohoo! Strangely enough while my entire staff was unable to view the blog from our office computers, I could view it on my iPhone without issues?!?

Needless to say, when purchasing a business, there are always some challenges in the transition. Well as it turns out, the employee that setup the blog for Mission Repair some 7 or 8 years ago did the common thing and used his name and email when setting everything up. Smooth sailing for years… until I attempted to renew the domain and pay the renewal for the coming year. Ryan of course had paid the service year after year without a hiccup, but now  a new CC and my name caused Word Press to question who the owner is/was. I do not fault them, security is important and not just letting anyone take your blog or website over is very important! The staff at Word Press (the company that hosts the blog) were doing their job to make sure to protect that information of the listed owner yet also help me with the transition to take ownership of the blog. Needless to say after chasing down emails and chat sessions, and proving we were the true owners, Word Press was speedy in their effort to make the updates and get the blog back up and live on the web!

Thank you all for your patience during the past few weeks as we sorted things out. The lesson to reflect upon and one I won’t soon forget….just like backing up your personal data, it’s always important to keep accurate records and review that backup on a regular basis.

Thank you all again for your patience and continued support on the blog, website and of course in our stores!


Vacation Tips to keep your devices safe!

Hello everyone –


Schools out, summer is here, let the vacations begin! Busy planning, packing and getting all the travel details ready? It’s easy not to think much about your cellphone right? It’s always just worked and been there when you need it….right? Well, a few things can change on vacation when your mind is on the family, fun and all the other details.

First off, while you never have an issue with battery life during your normal day being on the road can cause your battery to drain rather quickly. Why? well as you travel to different states you may end up “roaming” on another cell providers network. In fact as your phone searches for the best signal it can which causes it to use more battery power than normal, sometimes nearly double the amount of battery required! Grabbing a external battery pack or battery case can be helpful and extend the battery to what you normally expect.


The second thing to think about is if you are using your smartphone for GPS navigation? Once again… BIG battery drain.Make sure you have a quality car charger that can keep up with the power demands of your trip. I recommend a 10watt or even a 17watt car charger like the ones we sell everyday at both our Lenexa and Mission stores.  However the biggest danger no one thinks about is if you mount your phone in the windshield and then jump out to grab lunch… Well your car can get rather toasty, sort of like an easy bake oven! Take an average sunny 85 or 90 degree day your car’s interior can reach upwards of 140+ degrees! Literally baking your phone to the point it won’t turn on! Luckily most of the time once it cools down it will power back on. Heat is the number one enemy of electronics, while rare, it can cause permanent damage if temps reach high enough.


The third item is water… always be aware that if you’re at a resort or beach and you carry your phone I’ve heard more than a few stories of people forgetting the phone was in their shorts pocket and they jumped in for a swim! That rarely ends well. If it happens I know you want to turn the device on to see if its still working, but know that can be the worst thing you can do. Hitting the power button sends electricity throughout the device… and water that is likely inside can then short things out and literally kill the phone. The best thing to do is dry off the outside and then get it back to your hotel room and use a fan or a hair dryer on low heat or cool to blow on the phone overnight. We recommend twenty four hours but dry it for as long as you can before testing.

I hope these tips can save you some headaches and keep your smartphone or tablet safe and useful throughout your trip. Safe travels… and of course if the unthinkable happens Mission Repair is here to help!

Have a great summer!