Mission Repair: Mac Tip of the Day!

Hello everyone –

After talking about the malware and virus outbreak, I’ve had some great conversations with customers, seeing the need for some tips and tricks that can make any Mac user’s life a bit better. There are so many to cover, but I’ll start with the two I use everyday.

First of all, by holding down the command key key and pressing the space bar… You will see this if you have OSX Yosemite. The older versions of  OSX will have spotlight appear in the upper right hand corner of your screen.

New Spotlight


Last but not least is probably the most useful hot key combination I use on Mac. This combo turns your mouse into a crosshair, which you can then hold down the left mouse button and drag a window open on your screen. When you release the mouse button it will take a screenshot (picture) of whatever you outlined! This works on anything: webpage, a video snapshot, a picture, in a word document, excel, and so on. This is probably the best note-taking shortcut on any device I know.

shift command 4

I hope these few tips helps out, and I’ll be highlighting some other very soon. Stay tuned…

Thanks for stopping by. If you have any of your own tips you wish to share, please do!



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