Virus and Malware Alert!

Hello everyone –

I can’t think of many things that upset me more than people taking advantage of other people for the sake of profit. And, this week I’ve seen more than my fair share of customers who’ve come into my Lenexa store with some nasty malware on their computers. If your computer has this pop up…. you have likely been a victim.


First few steps….



3) Call Mission Repair

While this may seem self serving… I can assure you if you read on you will understand that a moderately priced malware/virus removal service from Mission Repair or any local, trusted shop will save you hundreds of dollars. Not to mention, an education in what NOT TO DO and what NOT to download or click on!


While his face may look friendly, he’s a con artist, and scammer of the worst kind. These things happen typically when you install “free” software, and leading you to believe that they can make your computer 300% faster! Wrong… they are injecting malware that takes over your browser and will lock you out of your own computer. They have you hooked… and unfortunately, if you call them it can cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars over time. In reality they may have you on the hook every six months for a very, very long time.

The good news, is I’m happy to talk about this with anyone that will listen. While Mission Repair does charge a nominal fee for our malware and virus removal services, it’s literally less than 10% of what I’ve heard these scammers will charge you. The major difference is we will clean 100% of their programs and nasty malware from your computer vs just hiding it for a later date. We were able to successfully clean this computer (screenshot above) today by removing a nasty little program called “Shoppytool”. I won’t get super technical here but know that it took several hours to track down this specific malware issue and remove.

In the meantime, be safe online, and as the old saying goes… “if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is”.

Have a great day!


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