Lowest price on iPad Air 2 Screen Repair

Good morning everyone – I’ve done it again here at Mission Repair.

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 9.12.27 AM

I’ve lowered the price on the infamous iPad Air 2 screen repair and trust me, that this is a big deal in the industry.  You might wonder why our price is so much lower than the competition, and all I can say is that it’s good to be at the top of the supply chain.  These screens come from the factory as complete assemblies.  In fact, you might find some vendors claiming that they can do this repair as a “glass only” service but know that this is never the case because these devices need to have their LCD, digitizer and glass replaced all at the same time.

If you’ve got a cracked screen on your expensive iPad Air 2, there’s never been a better time to save big $$ at Mission Repair.  Give us a call at 844-459-0105 or simply place your order online to get this repair started.  There’s no coupon necessary and we’re ready to take care of business.

Have a great weekend,

Apple Announces iPhones SE and iPad Pro

If you follow Apple’s releases you know it’s hit and miss on the excitement factor. Many of the Apple faithful get excited about every single release and stand in line no matter the weather or time to be “first” to get their hands on a new device. I’m on the fence with each release of device that doesn’t somehow change my perception of how that device can be used in my daily life. I get the iPhone SE’s appeal to all of those who love a 4″ iPhone. It’s a solid upgrade to the internal hardware and gives those iPhone 5S owners a solid upgrade path without having to buy a larger iPhone 6. My take on it is that the screen and repair parts for the 5, 5C and 5S will now be around even longer. The hope is that with millions more iPhone SEs sold that parts will be manufactured once again in mass quantities driving replacement parts back down to pre June 2015 price levels.

iPad Pro vs new Pro

The new 9.7″ iPad Pro brings all of the power and features of the larger iPad Pro down to the iPad Air size all at a weight under 1lb. I haven’t heard the speakers on the new smaller iPad Pro, but I can say that my larger iPad Pro has bar none the best tablet speakers I’ve ever heard. It may in fact rival any laptop speaker system for the money. Truly amazing sound for such small and compact speakers. If the new iPad Pro proves to sound anywhere as good as it’s larger iPad Pro kin, it should be a great choice for those looking to upgrade any 9.7″ iPad. If you really think about what you use your iPad for, and the answer is consuming media, video, movies etc… the four speaker systems are an excellent upgrade!

The missing rumor was the iPhone 7… not a hint of it, so we may be waiting until fall of 2016 to see what the next line of iPhones is all about. Always good to recycle your old devices or get them repaired and sell them on sites such as eBay, Craigslist or on any number of new phone apps such as “Letitgo” and “Wallapop” found on the Apple App store.

Best of luck with your upgrade decision!


Water damage? There’s still hope.

Spring brings warmer weather, outdoor activities and the ever-present danger of rain, puddles, poolside drops and the ever embarrassing long slow motion fall into the porcelain throne! My techs love when water damaged devices come in for repair. haha. It’s the thought of… “did this go in the toilet?” to which I always respond, of course it did! I just like to keeps things fun around the office. Thankfully, we have specialized equipment that evaporates moisture and cleans corrosion up nicely and gives us a better than average chance to bring that nearly dead logic board back to life.

iPhone Toilet

So the moral of the story is no matter how bad you think it is, there still may be hope. I would recommend; however, if you pull your device from any sort of water, STOP! The first thing you think to do is not what you should do, but the opposite…….do not turn it on! Resist that temptation, as introducing electricity from the battery with water in the device can short out all sorts of things, and that’s bad news for your device. Get your device in to the pros here at Mission Repair ASAP so we can properly diagnose and repair any water damage and corrosion that has formed. At the very least, leave the device turned off for several days in either a special “dry bag” or a bowl of rice to help evaporate the the moisture. Even if the device was fully submerged for several minutes, it’s still possible to restore the logic board to working condition.

Don’t give up hope.


iPad Air 2 Price Drop!

As with any technology when the device is new the parts price and difficulty of the repair is high. With time prices of the parts drop and technical proficiencies improve which allow us to now offer the same high quality repairs we have done and now offer the iPad Air 2 at $279 (previously $349). This repair will continue to decline over the coming months.

iPad Air 2

Even if your not in the market for a new iPad, the good news      about Apple’s upcoming March 21st event is likely introducing  yet another iPad Air 4, or what they may call an iPad Pro in the  9.7″ form factor. New iPad makes the Air 2 a bit older, parts  cheaper and the cycle continues. So if you have a crack in your  iPad Air 2 glass and needing a repair come see us at one of our  two locations here in Kansas City.

We would love to help get your device back in “like new”  condition!


Spring Break Recovery Plan!

Did your smartphone not fare so well on Spring Break? All those memories captured of fun times but your smartphone suffered a broken screen.

iphone sand

While it’s an unfortunate situation to have a broken device, you can count on Mission Repair to bring your smartphone or tablet back to new condition. We are here to help with your repair, and we want to soften the blow to your wallet, so we will offering a Spring Break discount,”Recovery2016″ to save you 10%! This coupon is good from March 20th through March 23rd, so don’t delay stopping by one of our two locations near you or by setting up your online order today!

Welcome home!