Apple Announces iPhones SE and iPad Pro

If you follow Apple’s releases you know it’s hit and miss on the excitement factor. Many of the Apple faithful get excited about every single release and stand in line no matter the weather or time to be “first” to get their hands on a new device. I’m on the fence with each release of device that doesn’t somehow change my perception of how that device can be used in my daily life. I get the iPhone SE’s appeal to all of those who love a 4″ iPhone. It’s a solid upgrade to the internal hardware and gives those iPhone 5S owners a solid upgrade path without having to buy a larger iPhone 6. My take on it is that the screen and repair parts for the 5, 5C and 5S will now be around even longer. The hope is that with millions more iPhone SEs sold that parts will be manufactured once again in mass quantities driving replacement parts back down to pre June 2015 price levels.

iPad Pro vs new Pro

The new 9.7″ iPad Pro brings all of the power and features of the larger iPad Pro down to the iPad Air size all at a weight under 1lb. I haven’t heard the speakers on the new smaller iPad Pro, but I can say that my larger iPad Pro has bar none the best tablet speakers I’ve ever heard. It may in fact rival any laptop speaker system for the money. Truly amazing sound for such small and compact speakers. If the new iPad Pro proves to sound anywhere as good as it’s larger iPad Pro kin, it should be a great choice for those looking to upgrade any 9.7″ iPad. If you really think about what you use your iPad for, and the answer is consuming media, video, movies etc… the four speaker systems are an excellent upgrade!

The missing rumor was the iPhone 7… not a hint of it, so we may be waiting until fall of 2016 to see what the next line of iPhones is all about. Always good to recycle your old devices or get them repaired and sell them on sites such as eBay, Craigslist or on any number of new phone apps such as “Letitgo” and “Wallapop” found on the Apple AppĀ store.

Best of luck with your upgrade decision!