Water damage? There’s still hope.

Spring brings warmer weather, outdoor activities and the ever-present danger of rain, puddles, poolside drops and the ever embarrassing long slow motion fall into the porcelain throne! My techs love when water damaged devices come in for repair. haha. It’s the thought of… “did this go in the toilet?” to which I always respond, of course it did! I just like to keeps things fun around the office. Thankfully, we have specialized equipment that evaporates moisture and cleans corrosion up nicely and gives us a better than average chance to bring that nearly dead logic board back to life.

iPhone Toilet

So the moral of the story is no matter how bad you think it is, there still may be hope. I would recommend; however, if you pull your device from any sort of water, STOP! The first thing you think to do is not what you should do, but the opposite…….do not turn it on! Resist that temptation, as introducing electricity from the battery with water in the device can short out all sorts of things, and that’s bad news for your device. Get your device in to the pros here at Mission Repair ASAP so we can properly diagnose and repair any water damage and corrosion that has formed. At the very least, leave the device turned off for several days in either a special “dry bag” or a bowl of rice to help evaporate the the moisture. Even if the device was fully submerged for several minutes, it’s still possible to restore the logic board to working condition.

Don’t give up hope.