Apple’s New iPhone Lineup: To Upgrade or Not?

I have to admit If you looked up the meaning of “early adopter”, my picture would be next to the definition. I love technology, grew up with it, have built it, torn it down and repaired just about everything I have gotten my hands on. With Apple releasing details on Monday of possibly a new iPhone, the iPhone SE (4″ replacement for the 5S) and possibly a new iPad Pro (9.7″), it’s always a debate with myself if i should upgrade?

Some folks think it’s silly and a waste of money, which to some it is. However, we all have our hobbies, passions or vice that we spend time and money on. Movies, art, books, cars, clothes, fine dining, whatever yours is…. Well guess what? We all work hard for our money so we should enjoy some of it, and enjoy those things in life that keep our interests and make us happy. All that being said, the evolution of smartphones is at a point where (as Samsung says) “the next big thing!” really isn’t all that different from our current smartphone. This makes the decision to upgrade more and more difficult.

So that brings me to my thoughts and rationale on the new iPhone 7. First and foremost due to the fact I run a repair business that deals with these everyday… that would seem like a good enough reason on it’s own, yes? ha ha. While I believe my interest lies in any new technology that comes out, such as the rumored dual camera lenses or rumored wireless charging, etc… I guess in the end, it’s a choice we all face and ultimately decide.

I do want to mention that you shouldn’t just toss your old iPhone, Galaxy phone or other smartphone aside. There is value in repairing your old smartphone before upgrading and then selling the old phone to help pay for the new one. While many online companies offer pennies on the dollar for your used smartphone you can earn more by repairing and selling it on a website such as eBay, Craigslist or other online sites.

Good luck with your decision on wether or not to upgrade and if the unthinkable happens…. we’re here to put the pieces back together and get your device in “like new” condition once again!

Happy St. Patricks Day and be safe out there.


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