Apple’s Touch ID: Friend or Foe?

The headlines about Apple’s Touch ID has been wide spread in recent weeks about bricking consumers iPhones to class action lawsuits against Apple for the issues it’s causing. The basics of the issue is when someone has a 3rd party repair on their home button that is replaced with a aftermarket part, the touch ID function (the ability to read a fingerprint), no longer works. This is expected and understandable as it is a security measure to protect all of your personal data on the phone. However, in the past the home button still functions and our iPhone still works as normal. I for one, and I think I can speak for most consumers, want the ability to repair our very expensive iPhones when we break them. The lawsuit is addressing the right to repair iPhones from a 3rd party repair shop such as Mission Repair and for the owner of the iPhone to have the ability to restore the home button and basic function to their device.

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 7.21.32 AMWith all the negative press about this particular issue I’ve talked to several friends and asked if they even use the Touch ID feature to unlock their iPhone. I found the overwhelming answer was no, it wasn’t very fast, accurate or user friendly. I of course love the feature and use it 100% of the time. To combat my friends’ answer, I mentioned a tip I had been told a while back on how to make it more accurate and quicker to open the iPhone on the first try.

The tip is very simple… add your fingerprint multiple times for the same finger you use to unlock your iPhone.  I unlock my iPhone with my thumb, I put in my thumb print three times and found it works flawlessly from any angle and love the ability to have a secure device that I can quickly open and use. To add a fingerprint simply follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to settings, scroll down to “Touch ID & Passcode”.
  2. You will need to enter your original passcode when setting up the phone, or create a new one if you don’t use one currently.
  3. Add your fingerprints.

I’ve added three of my left and three of my right thumb so no matter which hand I pick up my iPhone with, I can easily open it and enjoy a secure device with ease! I hope this helps and enables you to feel secure about your personal information and not be frustrated by the technology that secures it.