TV Repair at Mission Repair?

Hello again friends,

Well, it’s not official yet.  However since we have an amazing component level soldering staff and we’re repairing logic boards and other highly technical repairs in house, we are going to give a few items a try.  Our logic board repair division is growing rapidly, and if you’re a skilled component level technician and looking for employment, you should send us your resume!

1. Flat Screen Televisions


We understand that TV’s drop in price so quickly that there are not a lot of feasible repairs at times; however when your TV fails just out of warranty, it may be cost effective to have a repair performed unless you just like buying TVs and are prepared to do so.  Like the gadget repair industry we are in, there is a viable economic limit when something fails, and we always try to provide the best pricing to ensure usability of your expensive electronic devices.

2. Bose Sound Systems


Casey was kind enough to take this sale into our repair lab, and the customer states that “it doesn’t work”.  We are digging into this unit and if we can find a common or relatively simple solution for repair, we will begin providing services on these units as well.  We know that these systems are expensive to buy, so why not offer repairs on them as well?  Time will tell.

We’ve had requests for Radar Detectors, GPS units, and Beats Headphones as well.  We explore options as they come to us, but I feel a few new product lines heading to market from Mission Repair soon.

Last thing…when you search “screen repair” on Google, we will sometimes come up as a viable option.  However we have received multiple calls for “screen door repair”, and I want to let you know that we are not “screen door technicians”.  Just for clarification!  🙂

Take care, Ryan

I need to collect my Lottery Winnings!

Good afternoon –

No, I didn’t win the biggest jackpot in history.  However, my story is interesting enough to tell and talk about – because I think that I got as close to winning as possible without being able to retire.  Yes, I played $10 worth of Kansas PowerBall Lottery tickets (5 different plays) yesterday…the hype and excitement of the $1.5 Billion jackpot just got to me.  Here’s my ticket:


Focus on line “C”… directly in the middle.  Now, check the winning numbers from yesterday’s drawing:

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 3.21.30 PM.png

So stay with me here…but it you look at my line “C” and compare the numbers with yesterday’s winners, you’ll notice that I had 5 out of 6 numbers matching.  Now, the “PB” number all the way to the right is kind of a “number without a country”, but nevertheless, the winning numbers for yesterday’s drawing – in chronological order – were 4, 8, 10, 19, 27 and 34.  My numbers in chronological order were 4 (MATCH), 8 (MATCH), 10 (MATCH), 19 (MATCH), 27 (MATCH) and 67 (NO MATCH).  I get it, I didn’t match the PowerBall number, but now I’m just focusing on the matching numbers.

Holy bananas.  That’s GOT TO BE mathematically astounding.  Not astounding enough to win millions…but from a numbers and statistical standpoint I was VERY LUCKY.  5 out of 6 numbers on that line matched!

Lucky enough that I had to wake up the household last night to share in my victory.  I won $100 on this $10 ticket…which means that I made 10 times my money back.  Not bad, considering that I had 5 out of 6 numbers correct, albeit a little out of order.  Does this mean that I should keep trying to play?

Well, I don’t typically play so we’ll see where my instinct takes me.  I do know that I’m not able to retire today so I’ll get back to work and stop that special order for the Gulfstream Private Jet that I was planning to buy 😉  Maybe next time!

Take care, good luck to you, Ryan