Charlotte’s Web? Humble? Radiant? Terrific!

Hello there, if you’ve read the book Charlotte’s Web, you might recognize some of the keywords in my title.

Friday, Sydney was removing a cracked iPad glass and when she removed the shattered panel, the cracks looks eerily like a spider.  It was obvious to everyone that looked at it.


So I grabbed the piece and snapped this pic; I thought that it would be a fun thing to share.  Is that Charlotte right there saying hello?  Some people say that when they crack their iPads, it look like “a spiderweb” after it’s dropped.  But a spiderweb and a whole spider?  Now that’s blog worthy!

Looks like a black widow to me.  What do you think?

At least we didn’t need an exterminator for this spider.  Just a skilled technician and out customer was back in business.  Take care, Ryan

9/11 Memorial Starclimb. This year is gearing up.

Hello there and good morning!

It’s a fine January 11th, and a chilly morning here in Kansas City.  I just got a call from a friend that works for the Olathe Fire Department, and he invited me to New York in March to participate in the official 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb event that is held each year.  Time for me to get my plane ticket!


If you don’t already know, we sponsor the local Kansas City 9/11 Memorial Stairclimb each year and get to spend an evening with the local firefighters to help keep the memory of the 9/11 events alive.  We can never forget.

Each year I usually climb with the firefighters…all 110 stories.  Normally I don’t need to start thinking about that climb until Fall, but if I’m going to head to New York in March I’d better start working on my cardio now 😉

It was a great birthday present to hear from Tom today, it made my day.

Take care, Ryan