Speaking of vacation…

Hello there my friends,

This is a quick personal blog – which I try to keep to a minimum – about New Orleans that I visited last week.

I can remember clearly as a kid my father traveling to New Orleans for “business” and he brought be back a t-shirt from Bourbon Street.  I wore that shirt all through my 3rd grade school year and I have a few pics of me in the shirt somewhere in the Arter archives.  Well it was finally my time to head to Louisiana and get a shirt for myself!


It was a Sunday night, so I figured that it would be quiet and the town would be dead.  I was dead wrong…that place was a total ruckus.  Bourbon Street was the most amazing “party” that I’ve ever been to!

I don’t think that it hurt that Tom Cruise was there filming one block away…we didn’t do any “star gazing” but we were redirected several times around the block as to not intervene with the next scene.  Watch for a Tom Cruise movie set in New Orleans coming soon!

Yes the scene is intense on Bourbon Street (leave the kiddos at home) and the food (yes we had beignets the next morning at Cafe Du Monde) coupled with the atmosphere was unique and fantastic; but by far the people that worked and lived in the French Quarter were spectacular.  They were all very friendly and didn’t hesitate to help.  I felt very safe walking around the city and I hope others do as well.

For a State that has had some troubles in recent history and I know that it’s still affecting a lot of people, it appears to me that New Orleans will survive, thrive and prosper in the future.  I know that I’ll be going back…the pork nachos at “Spirits” were amazing.  I’d go back just for another round of those!

Thanks for reading, I’m getting back to work.  Vacation is over.  Take care, Ryan

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