A Christmas Carol.

Good afternoon,

I know that this might blow some of you away, but I never watched a single version of “It’s a Wonderful Life” before last year. I don’t know how I made it this entire time without; it’s a fantastic story and is truly perfect around the holidays. But you probably already knew that!

Yes, I’ve seen a Christmas Carol and have for many years. However recently on a trip to Branson, Missouri we watched a play on the story and it was quite good.

Created especially for Silver Dollar City, this unique adaptation of the famous classic novel by Charles Dickens uses both humor and inspiration to share the story of redemption and hope.


The live acting makes it really interesting and of course the draw to a live play is the different characters and how the actors portray them. If you have a chance to see this play, I highly recommend it.

This blog is just to remind us that things could always be worse, it’s the holiday season and we’re all sharing the world together.  I hope you have a safe December and if you get a chance to redeem yourself then you should do it.  Don’t be a Scrooge this year, it’s not a bad thing to pay it forward!

Sincerely, Ryan

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