She sniffed me out.

One more quick blog before I head out to a Halloween party tonight – yes, it’s gonna be a late one!

I typically stay up pretty late into the evenings. Even during the week, I’m usually working late, catching up on my TV shows 🙂 or doing some sort of project that I like.

Last night I was down in the basement late watching TV while the rest of the family was asleep. I heard a little rustling upstairs, and I knew that one of my dogs was moving around.

I quickly turned off the TV and the lights, covered myself with a blanket and sat very still and as quiet as I could trying to surprise whomever was coming down stairs. All was quiet until I heard a “huff” and some “sniffs” in my face from the side of the couch. It was my German Shepherd Layla who typically finds me during the middle of the night.


She was in “search” mode and somehow without knowing that I was downstairs, she secured a dog bone for herself and found me. She was so proud of herself.

As I lifted the blanket from my face, I snapped this picture of her with my iPhone – I was ready for a pic as she’s normally very cute in the middle of the night 😉 This whole post is just to show you a picture of my dog; sorry that it’s a little like sharing my family photos but who can’t love a face like this?

Have a good night, I hope you sleep well – and be safe if you’re going out partying tonight.


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