Dumb and Dumber Three

OK, I need to preface this blog post by saying I love these two guys. That’s Austin on the left, and my son Casey on the right.


These guys were both on my little league team when I coached them starting at about 7 years old – through their teens. They are both technically still teens (19 years old) but they think they are men. Oh yes, and they are both working for me as well 😉

I asked these two gentlemen to take a few boxes over to our storage unit. Simple enough. But so far it’s taken them about and hour and a half to “load” the cart, and once they finally exited the building all I heard was screaming and a ruckus outside of the building that we could all hear from inside. It was hilarious.

I walked outside and was a little late taking the picture, but old “Harry and Lloyd” were juggling this cart and falling all over themselves. I needed to capture it for the blog.

So here it is, I just got done laughing, it was fun and I’m posting this blog at their expense. Good job fellas 😉 In all seriousness, I love ya, good luck on the next load.


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