It’s almost time. 1 Million Blog Readers, is today the day?

I’ve been talking about it all month!

We are giving away a FREE BRAND NEW iPAD AIR to celebrate our 1 Millionth Blog visitor right here in the Mission Repair Blog! It appears that this might happen today or tomorrow, so now is the time to pay attention to the count. As of this morning:

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 10.57.28 AM

It’s our Millionth Day Celebration, and it’s starting to happen now!

Here are the details, and you will only find out if you’re the winner right here in this blog. Here are the details:

1. This is our “Millionth Day Giveaway” prize, which consists of (1) One Apple iPad Air, 16gb, Wi-Fi, current model as per Apple’s availability, brand new sealed package, to be given out to one lucky customer.
2. We will all be watching right here in the blog. There is a “Unique Visitor” counter in the right hand column (check it out, see it there? —>). When this counter reaches 1 Million, the next order that is placed on (or places an order with one of our customer service representatives either over the phone or in person) will win!
3. There is no purchase necessary, the winner must place an order on to be eligible. Our free diagnosis options are eligible, so I’ll reiterate that no purchase is necessary!
4. Once we reach 1 Million unique visitors on the blog, the next new order placed and completed will be announced here on the blog! It may happen at 2am or 10am, it might be a Nationwide order or a walk in order at one of our locations; it doesn’t matter. The order that is placed with us immediately after we reach 1 Million unique visitors will win!
5. Orders can be placed directly on our website at, or they can be called in at 844-459-0105, or can be placed in person during normal business hours at one of our locations. There is no cash value of the prize through Mission Repair, and substitutions will not be permitted. We’re just going to give you an iPad Air…just in time for Christmas.

Watch the Blog Stats posted here to the right, “unique visitors” is the key. You’re wanting to be the person that places there order on the moment it happens! Just look to the right ———> (Assuming that you’re reading the desktop version of our blog. If you read it on a mobile device, please scroll down!)

I hope it’s you, and it’s the beginning of the “Millionth Day” celebrations here at Mission Repair.

Take care, Ryan

Look at what Cigarette Smoke does to electronics!

Hello there friends,

It’s no secret that cigarette smoke is harmful to your health, but recently I was working on a few computers that had multiple symptoms. Running slow, overheating, even causing the trackpad to fail on a Mac Laptop.

Once I opened each, the overwhelming odor was immediately undeniable. But here’s the result:


The above picture is the fan inside of an iMac, that over time, has accumulated tar and caused it to fail. I know it looks like dust maybe…but this is cigarette smoke that has been “sucked into” the iMac and just built up over time. The picture below actually looks like the bottom of this MacBook was filled with sand:


All of those little “dust specks” are the remnants of smoke inhalation by the laptop. Click on these pictures if you want a closeup “gross out”, but in the laptop, the tar has actually been seeping into the unit, warming up, and then “balling up” inside of the unit.

In both cases these devices needed to be completely stripped down and cleaned…and then they worked! In fact the report on the laptop was that the trackpad wasn’t functioning; so I used three different cleaners to strip the surface of the tar buildup (just where you touch the trackpad), and it was working again. It was simply just too dirty for it to work! HINT: Clean your laptop trackpad often!

That’s a good point; maybe I should call Mike Rowe and apply for that hit TV show, “Dirty Jobs”. This qualifies!

I’m going to go wash my hands again 🙂

Take care, Ryan