1 Million Unique Blog Visitors ACHIEVED tonight!

Thank you all for reading and being here!

We already have a winner, as the influx of orders came in at the exact moment the Unique Visitor Counter turned over 1,000,000 (there were so many people on the blog, it actually refreshed at 1,000,089!) and per our rules of the giveaway, we had a ton of new orders but there was one that was first. We will be giving away a brand new iPad Air to a loyal blog reader…

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 10.27.38 PM

I will be announcing that winner tomorrow morning right here in the blog…not by name, but by Order Number. Check back in the morning (Wednesday) and by 11am Central Standard Time and I will announce the winner with instructions on how to claim your new iPad Air. Never fear, I am here to help…I just don’t want to post names here in the blog without your your permission. I am so excited for you, I can’t wait to talk tomorrow.

Until then, have a great night, thanks for reading, I’ll be back soon.

Take care, Ryan

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