Thank you for a great September. And an amazing start to October!

Hello friends!

I’m currently riding in the backseat on the long journey to Colorado from Kansas City, so I thought I’d try my first “mobile blog” ever!  It’s a good way to kill the time 😉  I’ll apologize now for any misspellings, it’s tough to “text” a blog out…

So I just spent 20 minutes waiting for a picture to upload and it didn’t work…just imagine a straight highway that seemingly goes on forever through a front windshield of a truck.  Yes, that’s what we will see for the next few hours.

Reflecting back on September, we had some good moments and bad.  We’ve moved our Olathe location that we had occupied for 8 years; a few miles north to Lenexa, KS.  Moving caused all sorts of headaches, but we are really making the best of it.  We had over 1,000 new customers visit the new location last month, and I truly appreciate you all.  I know that we haven’t been flawless which I take very hard personally, but I know that with constant work we will get the bugs worked out.  We have also been in hiring mode which can be overwhelming at times too, then couple that with an injury that I had which has kept me out of the office for almost a week and a half.  It’s time to have a smooth October!

Over 100,000 customers received our newsletter last night and many of you took advantage of the coupon that was enclosed today.  Good job subscribing, we have a lot of fun with those when we do them.  Check back tonight for another fun one!

I guess I’ll get back to sitting and playing “I Spy” with my travel mates.  I can’t wait to see the Rockies soon!

I’ll be back tomorrow, when I can type on a normal keyboard and add pictures correctly.  Take care.  Safe travels, even if your just driving home.

From the road, Ryan

P.S. None of this was typed while I was driving!!

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