September 11, we will never forget. This is one way you can remember…

Hello there fellow Americans!

The day is rapidly approaching and as you may or may not know, my businesses Mission Repair and Mission Survivor both support and sponsor many Law Enforcement and Fire Department events. The biggest event of the year is coming up!

The first known 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb event occurred on September 11, 2003 during “Operation Enduring Freedom” in Parwan Province, Afghanistan. Albuquerque Fire Department Lieutenant Charles Cogburn scaled a two story building 55 times wearing body armor, a helmet and an M-4. Lt Cogburn returned home and on the following September 11th (2004) the climb was brought back to Albuquerque and given the title Albuquerque Firefighters Memorial Stair Climb. Firefighters from Engine 5 and Engine 2 were dispatched at 8:46am (the time the initial dispatch of FDNY units occured) to the Bank of Albuquerque Building in downtown Albuquerque. The building is 22 stories tall and it was climbed 5 times.

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Over the years, the movement has grown, and Kansas City honors the fallen Firefighters on 9/11 with our own Stair Climb that is being held downtown on September 13, 2015 put on by legendary Kansas City local Firefighters Dave Bova and Tom Hoegler. On average, thirty climbs occur every year across the country.

Last year was the first time I witnessed the event. I am truly looking forward to and honored that we are invited. In fact, my entire business has been invited to the “Brotherhood Bash” the night before; so it becomes a big event and big weekend for us all.

So I’m helping spread the word and the event is open to the public. Come on down Sunday morning and pay tribute to the cause, it’s free and I promise that it’s a touching and an amazing way to feel connected to continue the promise that “we never forget”. It’s important and if you see us down there, come by to say hello!

Last tidbit; I performed the stair climb last year as well. 110 stories of course that represents the same amount of flights that the firefighters climbed on 9/11 to rescue with tragic results. I’ll be doing it again this year, but in full firefighter bunker gear. Wish me luck…

Have a great evening, Ryan