Are you a “Harley” guy or gal?

Hello there and good morning!

I thought this was worth a picture…

I was heading down the highway to Lenexa, Kansas and pulled up a long this semi-truck that looked a little out of the ordinary.

It was a very clean “rig”, but had a feature mounted behind the cab and I just wanted to get a better glimpse of this setup.


There is a very cool and restored “Harley Davidson” tandem bike mounted up there! I don’t know much about these old bikes, but I do know that Harley made some early tandem rides in the early 1900’s. Could this be one of the survivors?


Anyway, it was worth a look…I like a guy that is prepared with a “back-up” ride in the event he has a diesel breakdown. I thought it was a cool setup and worth the blog. Have a great morning!

Take care, Ryan

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