EMERGENCY at the Arter house. Well, kind of.

So Dandra called me to say that the contractors were working on our side yard:


But then she got a knock on the door – by a fireman – who said that they were closing the street and to stay indoors because these guys cracked the gas main that was underground. Yikes, aren’t there precautions that can be taken? Like “Calling before you dig?”.


They got the situation under control, fixed the gas line, and corrected their mistake. However at the same time, they CUT MY INTERNET LINE!

This is the real emergency. Gas line, smass line. Cut the fiber cable? Holy bananas!!

It appears that we’re going to be down for a few days, but it wouldn’t be so bad however it just happened a few weeks ago and was just fixed. That’s what I get for living in a construction zone I guess. I’m just not sure how to avoid this. I suppose Casey won’t be able to get on XBOX live for a while, and I’ll have to take him down to the basement and spank him on the arcade machine for a few days 😉

Have a good day, Ryan

How times have changed. Who else misses this?

Hi there friends, I spend most of my time here talking about Mission Repair and the services that we offer – which is all about electronics.

Well, of course I’ve grown up around electronics and I was one of those kids that hung around video arcades during my teenage years. I can remember getting a dollar for every “A” that I got on my report card, so right around the end of the semester I’d be permanently at Golf Land in Milpitas, California with Marc, David, Nolan and the guys. Hey fellas, long time no talk.

There’s no question my son will destroy me at Call of Duty on the XBOX. I’m good; but he’s great. So last night I needed to level the playing field and take him down to the basement for a few games of CENTIPEDE. Yeah, you remember that one!

We have this strange “antique” box that’s in our living room that sits for long periods of time and only gets turned on when my adult buddies come over. It’s called an ARCADE MACHINE. Centipede is on there.


Casey started by grabbing the joystick to go first. The joystick? Amateur. You need to use the trackball, come on dude. When he moved up to the trackball he said “oh you can move all over the place with this.” Hahaha, come on kid.

We played a few games and he wasn’t impressed when I annihilated him. That’ll show him 😉

He was able to pull a respectable 6532 points on his best game…here’s a screenshot of my list of high scores:


Poor guy, I set him up and he never had a chance! He had no idea that the spiders were so aggressive after level 2. It comes with time buddy, and believe me I’ve sacrificed “many a quarter” in my day 😉 I do miss Atari!

I love Casey, I’d never do anything to hurt him, but I’ll gladly give him a whooping on the arcade machine.

Have a good weekend, Ryan