Mission Repair Opening in Lenexa, Kansas – Coming Soon!

Hello there blog readers-

If you’ve been following our blog, you know that we’re talking about our newest Indianapolis location a lot. In fact, we’re heading to Indianapolis Thursday night to have a final meeting (hopefully) with our new landlord out there!

There’s some more exciting news around the Kansas City area as well, and it’s that we’re moving to an amazing retail location just off of I35 in Lenexa.

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 11.28.55 AM

In fact, there’s a Costco right next door to us. We’ve got a gigantic lit up monument sign that hopefully will be up and installed by the beginning of August.

So check out our locations page to see when we will be having our grand opening. It’s going to tie in nicely with our 1 Millionth Unique Blog Visitor that appears will happen in the next 2 months. We will be celebrating that too in a big way. As of this morning, we are at 966,074 Unique Visitors (check the counter on the right!) and when we hit 1 million we will memorialize it in a big way.

Stay tuned…and if you’ve got a truck we might need some help moving a few items next weekend. I’ll buy the pizza 😉

Thanks for reading, Ryan

The storm has passed. And a coupon!

Hello there storm watchers!

If you’re in the Kansas City area (or at least in the Olathe/Lenexa/Overland Park area), you know that we just had a gnarly storm pass through that knocked out some power, moved some patio furniture around and caused some panic amongst us locals for a bit.

Skies are clear and the storms have passed!

Skies are clear and the storms have passed!

It’s amazing how we get riled up so quickly- just before the storm hit not only did I get an alert on my phone, but 3 different text messages from 3 different people warning me about it. I do appreciate the “heads up” when it comes to anything that can cause me to be in danger, I’m not so worried about that. However I have seen, in multiple instances, that when the weather “authorities” start to sound panicked, the rest of us tend to follow along. It’s worse when there’s snow out…

Now you can hear it from me, the weather “authority” for this morning…it’s OK to go outside now!

The storms have passed and customers are starting to arrive in normal numbers at our stores here in Olathe and in Mission Kansas. Our Colorado store never had any issue of course. It’s just been rockin’ like normal – they’re thinking “what storm?!?” like the rest of the country 😉

If you do get our and visit either our Olathe or Mission stores today, don’t for get to PRINT OUT YOUR COUPON for savings today, tomorrow and Friday.

Talk to you soon! Ryan

Lightning in my backyard.

Hello friends,

There’s a huge storm system moving through my town and I’m working form my home office this morning with the blinds open. I witnessed the wind pick up and throw my patio furniture around, the trees were almost bent in half, and the rain has been pouring down for about an hour now.

The lightning was getting closer and closer…so I held up my iPhone and snapped this pic just a few minutes ago:


Look at the left-hand side of the pic…you can see the bolt running from the cloud to the tree line. Those trees are about 200 yards from my window.

So while I was writing this, my power went out (thank goodness I’m working from my MacBook Air!) so it took a few minutes to get it sent out and posted. All is well with my computer, it was plugged into a surge protector! It seems that the skies are opening up a bit now, and the threat of tornadoes are gone. I like that idea, which means I can get back to doing some real work rather than watching nature water the landscape 😉

All is well, I’ll add this lightning pic to my collection (I’ve taken a few shots over the years) and I’ll be back soon with some Mission Repair info as well.

Take care, Ryan

The Royals represented well in the 2015 All-Star game last night!

Good morning baseball fans,

Yahoo Sports said it best:

“For all the controversy and hand-wringing about the Kansas City Royals dominating the All-Star vote, there was no Royal letdown. The AL team won, so delete those tweets about how Royals fans were just handing the NL home-field advantage in the World Series. Royals players had three of AL’s seven hits, including Lorenzo Cain, who had two hits and an RBI.”


It’s a fun time to be living in the Kansas City area if you’re a baseball fan, and in the 14 years that I’ve lived here I’ve never seen so many blue-shirted-fans around the city.

Now if this city could just get the Kansas City Chiefs going in the fall…well you can’t have it all, can you? Congrats Royals fans, keep the momentum going.

Have a great day, Ryan