We’re giving the All-Star Game the Royal treatment…

Well this is a bit of a short personal blog, but since I live in the Kansas City area, it’s big news to us here in the vicinity!

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 11.26.06 AM

Kanasas City Royals players and coaches joined All-Star manager Ned Yost on the field last Saturday with their 2015 All-Star jerseys.

Look, the Royals will be heavily represented. As the single best story of the 2014 season, making the World Series after missing the playoffs every year since the George Brett era, they deserve lots of representation. They particularly deserve All-Star recognition in 2015 because the 2015 Royals are the best team in the AL with an impressive winning record.

Not into baseball? I can understand that, not everyone is. But I’ll tell you that more people know more about baseball in this city that they have since the mid-1980’s. It’s a fun time, and with the All-Star game tomorrow- I can already feel some of my employees wanting to get out of the office early to get a good seat at the local sports bar. Don’t worry guys, you’ll make it, I’ll save you a seat 😉

Have a great day, Ryan

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