Mission Repair Company Picnic went off as planned!

Hi there friends,

It was a glorious day yesterday even though we are in a heat wave. We had our annual company picnic, had some great food that I cooked on the BBQ and a bunch of games and laughs.

It all started with a trip to our local superstore, Costco, for the supplies. Lennie and I worked late the night before to get everything ready:


Then on Sunday at 11am, the competition began. Unfortunately since we’ve got several locations in different states, not everyone could make it…but the turnout was great. We played a few games and the grand prize was a “bucket full of cash and prizes” that we put together at the last minute:


It wasn’t much, but it certainly generated some competition in the pie eating contest:


And in the washer toss:


Which got us down to one winner which the “tug of war” ultimately decided:


I got to cook for the crew and we put on a good spread of chicken, brats, hotdogs and pulled pork (which I made the day before).

Aside from a few sunburns, we are all in good shape and back into the office today. Sorry Derrick, Ian took the grand prize this time. There’s always next year.

Have a great start to your week and I’ve got a lot of good Mission Repair information coming to you today.

Thanks, hope you’re having a great summer, Ryan

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