If you live in Kansas…

Hello friends, there have been a few changes in Kansas lately in regard to tax increases. If you don’t reside in Kansas, this blog may not interest you much 😉

According to the latest information, Kansas lawmakers concluded the longest legislative session in state history last month by approving a slate of regressive tax hikes that will balance the state’s budget by unfortunately targeting low-income workers and their families. The move is “regressive” because poorer shoppers already have to stretch each dollar farther than their more flush counterparts.


Everyone that shops in Kansas will end up paying a bit more for sales tax, and effective today both of my locations in Kansas have had to institute the new sales tax increases. While this information may not come across to most consumers as alarming or necessary, but I like to keep my customers “in the know” when it comes to taxes and costs that are involved when shopping at Mission Repair (or anywhere else in Kansas for that matter!)

There’s been a lot of talk about intervention on school budgets, public education and other state services so I’m hopeful that this will keep things on the right track here in the sunflower state.

Again, if you shop at Mission Repair and you DON’T live in Kansas, this rate hike won’t effect you whatsoever…

Thanks, happy shopping! Ryan

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