Dawg Pound!

I try to give a “shout out” to local businesses when I can – and the other day while visiting my Mission location Lennie and I stopped at the “New York Dawg Pound” in Shawnee Mission, Kansas.

So I ordered the “Boxer”, which is a quarter pound hot dog with blue cheese crumbles, bacon, red onions and sweet mustard. IT WAS DELICIOUS. Not all that healthy, but delicious.

Starting at the top and going clockwise:  The "Spike", the "Dalmatian", the "Boxer".

Starting at the top and going clockwise: The “Spike”, the “Dalmatian”, the “Boxer”.

If you like a hot dog and are in the Kansas City area, you should certainly give these guys a try. They have a “patter” that guides you through the ordering process, and the sky is the limit with these guys.

Yeah, you might be able to order a “plain” dog, but you might be run out of the store 😉

There you go, a yummy lunch at reasonable prices with a fun menu. I like small “mom and pop” restaurants like this, sometimes you get a home run!

Talk to you soon, Ryan

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